Odierno’s remarks “outbursts” differences between US officials

Odierno’s remarks “outbursts” differences between US officials

08/14/2015 13:01 GMT

Odiernos remarks outbursts differences between US officialsFollow-up – and babysit – The comments made ​​by the chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff of the outgoing Raymond Odierno on Iraq differences between US officials, where counting US State Department spokesman John Kirby remarks “do not represent the US position,” describing them as “personal opinions”.
He was the military commander of the Islamic resistance of Hezbollah Brigades, said on Thursday that Iraq one and we will cut off the hand that is trying to divide it, vowing to “rubbed” nose chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff Raymond Odierno and his army in the dirt in any showdown to come.

He said Kirby in response to General Raymond Odierno’s remarks, in which he said that the division of Iraq may be the only solution to the problems experienced by now that “these statements are not our policy nor our point of view and not our vision for the future of Iraq to which we aspire,” describing Odierno’s remarks as “personal opinions “.

Kirby said that “his country will continue to support the Iraqi government in Baghdad, led by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which is trying to help him confront the real challenges in his country”, adding that “Washington supports a sovereign government in Iraq.”

The President of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff of the outgoing Raymond Odierno, Thursday, (August 13, 2015) to achieve reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq more difficult, considering that the division of this country, “may be the only solution” to settle the sectarian conflict that has torn.