A source close to al-Abadi reveals the list of accused of corruption, including al-Maliki

A source close to al-Abadi reveals the list of accused of corruption, including al-Maliki

09-08-2015 02:30 PM

A source close to al-Abadi reveals the list of accused of corruption including al-MalikiA source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi detect the presence of an expanded list of accused of corruption, including former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be introduced to eliminate soon.

The source, who kept the title for reasons of government that Prime Minister al-Abadi was held last night meeting microcosm with a number of his advisers in his office Special to discuss the reference recommendations Dinh in recent her engagement, it was agreed to form two committees Aajlten for the purpose of preparing a paper comprehensive reforms to all ministries and institutions, the government and also the formation of a committee of the Integrity Commission and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and other competent institutions in order to prepare a paper include central vision of the fight against corruption and also disclosure of the files of corruption in previous governments and the current.

The source said that al-Abadi request to expedite the provision of a long list of names of accused of corruption for submission to the elimination and prevention of travel procedures and booking their money and arrested immediately.

The source added that the prime minister requesting the establishment of the President of the former name of the government and Vice President of the Republic current Nuri al-Maliki issued the list of the presence of interest to a major corruption and available around him and to give a national message for reference and the Iraqi people that the Prime Minister has started from members of his own party first and will not stop revealed other than the rest of the blocs and political components.

The source said that the Abadi asked to prepare the following files that affect al-Maliki and members of his government in the first detection of financial and administrative corruption files as a package, namely:

First: Previous contracts for electricity file

Second: Russian arms deal file

Third: the purchase of explosive detection devices file

Fourth: file 2014 budget

V. Phantom land distributed to citizens bonds File

Sixth: 50 000 file space element in the Iraqi army

Seventh: File sectarian and political killings