Report: al-Abadi agreed to a private American operations against the leaders of the “Daash”

Report: al-Abadi agreed to a private American operations against the leaders of the “Daash”

Follow-Iraq Press -8 August / August 2015

Report - al-Abadi agreed to a private American operations against the leaders of the DaashDetecting a news report appeared in the media international and Arab media, on Saturday, the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, granting the green light to the Americans to the implementation of special operations inside Iraq, targeting senior al (Daash), like the leader of the targeting process in organization, Abu Sayyaf, in the countryside of Deir al-Zour, in Syria, mid-May / May last.

The report quoted the Iraqi minister described as “high-level”, that “al-Abadi gave the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, during his recent visit to Baghdad last July, the green light to the implementation of those operations after a request from the US official during the visit.”

The minister points out that “US special forces will take over the task of implementing a peek landing operations, in territory controlled by the organization for the liquidation of its leaders and commanders who run battles and things financial and military organization and even intellectual depth. Operations and also will reach the back rows of the leaders of the organization, who have a great importance in the overall structure, “asserting that” the available information about the process, the process will be similar to the Abu Sayyaf in Syria. ”

The minister shows the government Abadi, that “any additional power was not up to Iraq so far, is expected to be the force that will be carried out such operations, but that the agreement is in force and we could see soon a US special operations on the ground of that class, and not a condition that runs from the Iraq, “adding that” Washington, it seems, has information about the number of those leaders want them alive and to decode the mystery organization. ”
Iraqi official promised that “those operations has changed a lot from the course of the game in Iraq, as well as constitute a psychological pressure on the organization, which will have to prepare even in the most secure strongholds factor.”

In the same context, a colonel in the Iraqi army confirms within the Balad Air Base, north of Baghdad, that there is a force known as the “Delta” in Iraq, may be is on the implementation of the Special Operations approved by the Abadi Finally, noting that this force has three Iraqi translators move among them Anbar, Baghdad and Erbil. ”

And criticizing Colonel Iraqi government, which “does not know the number of Americans on their territory currently only number provided by the Americans have between now and then” .bhsp what is stated in the report illustrates the Colonel, “The Americans are replacing their troops and transporting others on vacation outside of Iraq and come with others via Kuwait, nor It is taken by the Iraqi authorities permission to enter or exit from Iraqi airspace “, noting that” the military planes landing and taking off at five airports, and the country is Baghdad and Habbaniyah, Qadisiyah and Erbil. ”

And restores Colonel reason for not knowing that they do not have to “radar to monitor aircraft movements other than those overseen by the Americans for some time.”

He adds that the Iraqi government “does not know the number of American soldiers in Iraq today, but says there are 3,700 people between the consultant and expert and a soldier and teams maintain and members of the Special aircraft control rooms,” asserting that “The number is in fact much larger and their activity to increase.”

He continues, Colonel, one of the workers in the engineering wing of the air base, that “the issue of sovereignty to the government are used only when needed and for information purposes, and our country is divided currently influence between Tehran and Washington, there is no way for Iraqis only viewing.” It is worth mentioning that Washington handed, Thursday the past, the widow of Abu Sayyaf, known as the “mother Sayyaf”, to the Ministry of Interior in the Kurdistan region, according to a statement of the US Department of Defense.
The White House had announced in May / May last, after her husband was killed, he arrested her in order to Astjoabha.anthy