Official website of the Rafidain Bank stops working

Official website of the Rafidain Bank stops working


Official website of the Rafidain Bank stops workingBAGHDAD / … in the incident probably is not aware of the seriousness organizers completely, especially after repeated on several websites affiliated with official institutions and ministries of the Iraqi state, stopped the only official website of the Rafidain Bank for fully working day and without knowing the reasons.

This comes at a time when the Iraqi government is seeking to pay the e-government plan to facilitate the transactions of the citizens and within the official efforts to develop economic and administrative transactions between the citizen and the government to ensure the absence of any favoritism or administrative cons environment.

It is worth mentioning, the economists contacted by the “eye of Iraq News” declined to comment on the site and stopped the only official statement cons of his e-mail address, and that the agency did not know the causes of downtime after the bank could not be contacted by them.

Also referred to the official page of the bank on the social networking site Facebook where fully neglected due date of the last update to the December 3rd of 2013.

Worth noting that the Bank of Iraq is an Iraqi government bank was founded in Baghdad in 1941, the first Iraqi commercial bank has 146 branch inside Iraq as well as overseas branches in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Alrat, Bahrain and Yemen. It ended 6