Parliamentary Finance: 23 trillion dinars Iraq revenues since the beginning of 2015

Parliamentary Finance: 23 trillion dinars Iraq revenues since the beginning of 2015, mostly to pay salaries

30.7.2015 eleven forty

Parliamentary Finance - 23 trillion dinars Iraq revenues since the beginning of 2015[Baghdad – where]
revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Haidar Mutlaq al-Kaabi, said that Iraq’s total revenues since the beginning of the year 2015 amounted to 23 trillion dinars.
He said al-Kaabi, told all of Iraq [where], that “the total income to Iraq of revenue since the beginning of the current year and up to now has 23 trillion dinars,” noting that “the employees’ salaries amounting to 21 trillion dinars, which forced the government to internal and external borrowing “.
mention that, Iraq borrowed last June 0.833 million dollars from the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union to Iraq provided financial grant of 27 million euros.
The religious authority shown in the words of its representative Mr. Ahmed net in the 17th of July of this, that “financial and economic situation is difficult, which passes by the country makes it imperative for officials in the government and parliament to take appropriate action to overcome this stage, whether in the remainder of this year or in the preparation of the next budget next year,” Mushir that “borrowing from abroad may not be the option most appropriate to address the current crisis situation For officials to think financially and Istnvzu all means before taking such a step because of its implications for the country “, calling for” the preparation of the budget next year according to a clear economic vision where the size of the expected financial resources to the state treasury from the sale of oil observed with cut costs unnecessary to the minimum and attention necessary matters, particularly the associated security, health and education. ”
On the other hand, the central bank announced last Sunday, his intention to put up bonds for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance worth two billion dollars, based on the decision of the crisis cell headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, issued in [15 July], and the judge to “start issuing remittances treasury during the remaining months of this year and the launch of bonds and national public and government guarantees and benefits appropriate, in order to strengthen the financial position and activating the economy and development movement in the country.”
It is said that, Iraq approved its budget for 2015 The current estimated $ 100 billion deficit of up to $ 25 billion due to lower international oil prices, which account for 90% of imports of these Almoisnh.anthy 14