White House Kurdistan: Please Stay in Iraq

White House Kurdistan: Please Stay in Iraq

Wednesday 29-07-2015 | 3:24:54

White House Kurdistan - Please Stay in IraqTwilight News / White House said, replying to a petition has been submitted to President Obama, and provided for the claim full support of the Iraqi Kurdish independence, should the Kurds who run their region northeast of Iraq to be convinced that the level of autonomy they now have.

The Obama administration in the answer to the petition that was submitted over a year ago, and got the 107 136 signatures, that “the president is committed to a unified Iraq federal and democratic, as defined in the Iraqi constitution.”

He added that the administration “will continue to support the efforts of Iraqi political leaders to unite the country, and as part of this commitment, we encourage all parties to strengthen their partnerships and work together to fight the common enemy,” and they group organizing the hardline Islamic state, which seizes on a wide territory of western Iraq.

We have won the war against the armed group more attention on whether the Kurds should be on Iraq to have a state of their own. Kurds say that bad relations with Baghdad over the past few years made them repel Mhaoan progress militants in 2014.

The representative of the Kurdistan Region in Washington Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the site Huffington Post earlier this year, said that some of the failures in the initial Kurds efforts against the group, State Muslim-such as leaving Yezidis vulnerable to Risk —— occurred because they have only limited weapons received from: Baghdad.

Rehman said “we succumb to the actual siege” in the period in which he was driving the country where al-Maliki.

We have undermined Maliki’s government, the Kurdish region by its failure for nearly a year, sending its share of oil revenues Alaraca- position that has been diluted only when the United States put pressure on Baghdad and Erbil, the capital of Kurdish, through a new agreement for revenue sharing in December in 2014, though the petition, which included the demand of Obama support independence Kurdish had been published during the height of the tension, on July 23 of last year, and a reference to the long history in which the Iraqi government persecuted the Kurds, including the killing of thousands of them gassed in the former dictator time Saddam Hussein.

As stated in the petition that “by refusing to have their independent state, it has suffered from the oppression of the Kurds is not innumerable and at the hands of the people who govern them.”

She continued, “that the Kurds, who have already been granted autonomy on the part of Iraq, have proven themselves as more than capable of running the country, and they are fighting now [group organizing the Islamic state, and as such, the Obama administration should support the independence of the Kurdish in order to thrive in region and the world. ”

Since then, concern has forced the US and international concerns about the losses in favor of the organization of the Islamic state, al-Maliki to leave his post, and focused attention on the Kurds who have proven their effectiveness against the militant group. The Obama administration has stepped up its military support and cooperation with the Kurdistan Region, and received in return a message of gratitude to the Kurdish leadership.

President of the Kurdistan region and strongly rejected Republican criticism that echoes around the anti-Islamic strategy of the US administration, during a recent trip to Washington.

And pressure from donors and political interests, the Republicans have gone to the extent of having them suggest that he should be on the White House simply to prepare the Kurds Bdoulh- ignoring Iraq’s status as a country with the rule, which is far beyond those of the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, who said he would support a step Kurdish referendum on independence at the end of the day, but not while still organizing the Islamic state on the cusp of its territory.

However, Iraqi unity remains difficult is guaranteed, it has continued to Baghdad and Erbil quarreling about a crucial issue which the oil revenues, though the Kurds have expressed their desire for months to get American weapons directly rather than being by the Baghdad government. The Obama administration has consistently opposed this change in shipping weapons policy despite pressure from Congress, probably because they are sure that it will blow then a firestorm in Iraq.

The last statement of the White House and show that he is still Hdhira- This is an important indicator, since NATO ally, Turkey, began flexing its muscles around the growing autonomy of the Kurds of Syria, who are part of the United States plans to combat group Islamic state.

As it stated in a statement the White House, which has been used telly favorite administration has launched the self-styled Islamic State, that “the Kurds have played and will continue to play an important role in the fight against terrorist Daash, Bouhhathm who created a major humanitarian crisis in the region.”