Iran’s Foreign Ministry calls for America to abandon the language of threat

Iran’s Foreign Ministry calls for America to abandon the language of threat

07/25/2015 08:56 GMT

Irans Foreign Ministry calls for America to abandon the language of threatAgencies – criticized the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, recent statements by US counterpart John Kerry for “the use of military force” against Iran if it did not respect the nuclear agreement, which concluded with major countries in the July 14, saying that the era of the threat has passed, calling on the Americans to abandon the old style language dealing threat.
Zarif stressed – according to a statement issued by the foreign – to resist the Iranian people in front of various international pressure forced Washington to abandon the style of confrontation and the use of diplomacy, pointing out that US Secretary of State pointed out in some way to this issue. He said Iranian Foreign Minister – quoted as saying by news agency Fars – “Just as we announced repeatedly, resistance to the Iranian people in front of various international pressure aimed to abandon its nuclear program, and follow-up rights on the basis of the Treaty (NBA T), which crystallized in the political saga of the presidential elections (in 2013) with the participation of 73 percent of voters have forced America to abandon its confrontational approach and focus on the solution and settle the issue through negotiations, which referred to Kerry somehow. ”

He added that Kerry knows very well that he heard during the negotiations the futility of these empty threats against the Iranian people and its resistance against such measures.

He said Zarif such statements as belonging to the last century and it’s contrary to the rules of international law, he added, has admitted (Kerry) himself and other US officials repeatedly that these threats have no effect on the will of the Iranian people and that the situation will change to the detriment of them.

And around the slogan “Death to America” ​​released by the Iranian people said Zarif that the Iranian people, the people of conscious and high-end nor called logos haphazardly, considering the position of the Iranian people that he returns to the overall US policy for more than 60 years, including “coup against the democratic government and support the coup government in 1953 destruction and support for the system Pahlavi and support of Saddam Hussein’s regime in its crimes which are not counted against the peoples of Iran and Iraq, including the use of chemical weapons, and hostilities against the Iranian people, including accusations that are unfounded against Iran’s nuclear program peaceful and ban the unjust measures and blind against this people, “the as he put it. He said Iranian Foreign Minister need to separate between Iran pledges under the comprehensive document and the joint work plan between the text of the resolution in favor of this document and pointed out that Kerry confusion between the two.

And about US Secretary of State’s remarks on Iran’s support for its regional allies said, that some of the ideas proposed (Kerry) on the procedures Iranian territorial and support for its regional allies who are in the front line in the fight against Daash and extremism, has nothing to do never in agreement so it just put in a foreign ministry statement on July 20 Iran will use all its possibilities in the fight against Daash and extremism in the region.

He added that his country’s policy on regional issues and the relationship with America is quite clear and follows the country’s officials, along with the army and the Revolutionary Guards and the armed forces as part of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s comments on various issues uniform policy is no difference between civilian and military officials. And he said that trying to sow discord between officials of Iran doomed to failure because of the precision and the vigilance of the Iranian officials and people conscious, it is best to US officials not to repeat past mistakes.