Erdogan: We will allow the Americans using the base [Incirlik] to hit Daash

Erdogan: We will allow the Americans using the base [Incirlik] to hit Daash and continuing our campaign against him

24/7/2015 5:20 p.m.

Erdogan - We will allow the Americans using the base Incirlik to hit Daash[Follow-where]
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara will allow the US Air Force by using the “Incirlik” air base in southern Turkey to strike terrorists sites in Syria, but “in certain frameworks”.
Erdogan said in response to questions from journalists on Friday. “They can use the base, but in certain frameworks.”
He continued, “he did not want his citizens live in an atmosphere of fear, stressing that the efforts to combat terrorism in Turkey has entered a very important stage.”
As Erdogan stressed that the authorities It will continue its operations to fight terrorism firmly, adding that the targets are well known which Daash and the PKK and the Party of People’s Liberation Front revolutionary “pointing to” a terrorist group, threatening its national security. ”
Turkish President said that “the campaign that took place last night is not a single process, but This process will continue in the future and will be implemented with the utmost firmness, “stressing that” the state will force the terrorist organizations to pay for their crimes in full. ”
launched a public security directorate in Turkey last night, a series of raids in 16 provinces in the country, which has arrested about 300 suspected of belonging to terrorist organizations. and come Campaign raids in conjunction with intensive military operations on the border, as Turkey announced the liquidation of dozens of militants Daash in Syrian territory.
These developments came after the patrol border guards Turki presented Thursday to the bombing by elements of al Daash on the Syrian side of the border, killing officer row, the Turkish army responded to strike at the organization sites in the Syrian territory, which used to fly.
The media picked up the news about allow Ankara to the United States to use its territory to launch air strikes against al Daash.
According to the website of the newspaper “The Wall-Street Journal,” the US citing Sources in the Pentagon, that the Turkish authorities have allowed the United States to deploy fighter jets and drones in “Incirlik” base, located in the city of Adana.
For his part, Bush administration official told the newspaper “Hurriyet” Turkish is expected to open the base early August / August next for use in fighting al Daash “.anthy