US general: Iraq will be divided into two states

US general: Iraq will be divided into two states

Posted 15/07/2015 01:40 PM

US general - Iraq will be divided into two statesExpected US General Joseph Dunford, split Iraq into two states, Kurdish, Shiite, while asked about the fate of Iraq’s Sunni areas in the provinces of Salaheddin, Nineveh and Anbar.

Gen. Joseph Dunford, the candidate for the presidency of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, replacing Gen. Martin Dempsey, during a hearing before the US Congress: “I believe that Iraq will be divided into two states.”

But Dunford said that “it is difficult to split Iraq into three countries, and that we are witnessing a Sunni state, because the Sunnis do not have specific future depend on it,” adding that he adopted in his view of this the “economic reality and revenues and governance, Shiites and Kurds have a lot to establish their own state, the Unlike the year. ”

And about whether the weapons and equipment up to the Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan from Baghdad quickly, Dunford said: “I think that the weapons and equipment problem was solved,” according to the website “Roudao” Kurdish.

He added that he personally will follow up this issue if given the position of chief of staff of the US Army, saying that “this problem is very important, and Sotabaha myself, and I will visit the country’s oldest and my assessment of the subject, and I am seeking the facts.”

And continue to US President Barack Obama’s administration to provide support for the unity of the Iraqi land, and send weapons and equipment to the Peshmerga forces across the central Shiite-led government, as they also sent to Sunni tribal fighters who are trained under the name of “popular crowd”.

However, the Kurds and Sunnis criticize send arms to them across Baghdad, and say that delay the delivery of arms granted adequate time to organize the state to the reorganization of the ranks.

Kurdistan Regional Government warns consistently that its forces do not have the necessary weapons to fight the state, and that the organization took on the most powerful and latest weapons when the Iraqi army withdrew from the areas under their influence now in the provinces of Nineveh, Anbar and other areas.