Israeli newspaper threatening to expose America to support Daash if agreement was reached with the Iranians

Israeli newspaper threatening to expose America to support Daash if agreement was reached with the Iranians

07/14/2015 13:09 GMT

Israeli newspaper threatening to expose America to support Daash if agreement was reached with the IraniansFollow-up – and babysit – an Israeli newspaper in English-speaking confirmed that all of the US administration will be in front of the whole world condemned the propaganda of violence and terrorism.
The newspaper “Jerusalem Post” said that in cases where the video clip “which reveals how to produce movies and horror the slaughter carried out by the elements of al-Daash” terrorist “, where it was stolen from a computer US Senator” John McCain, the world will judge the United States and its system.

For its part, revealed «Wall Street Journal» of America to the United States, was learning scheme «Daash» a decade ago, which adopted the message, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current leader of the organization «Qaeda», and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of the deceased, through the scheme, obtained by States United in 2005, the organization aims to expel the Americans from Iraq first, and secondly the establishment of an Islamic caliphate, and in the third phase extension of the wave of extremism to Iraq’s neighboring countries, and the Fourth of engagement with hostile to Israel that any new Islamic entity.

The newspaper said the organization (Daash) is the fruit directly to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, which is dominated Fallujah, Mosul and Ramadi, and large tracts of Iraqi and Syrian territories.

He said Mahlluon politicians that the Zionist entity is trying hard to “put pressure on the US Husbandry and Congress to prevent them from agreement with the Islamic republic and an end to its nuclear program through the threat detection Support Alammerakh administration and members of the US Congress to terrorist organizations in the Middle East region and the world files.

This and picked up a number of Western sites, video recording, said he had posted on the agency “Sputnik” News of Russian, where fighters of the organization “Daash” implemented the “execution” of a “prisoners’ organization shows, but this time the process was taking place within the studio looks like Studios “Hollywood”.

She said the sites that picked up the alleged Date, that was leaked from your American Senator John McCain PC, having been breached during his recent visit to Ukraine, by hackers group calling itself “CyberBerkut”.

During the registration, “execution” of the alleged process, carried out by fighter “Daasha” show. Many cameras in the imaging site, appropriate lighting, green background, fit operations “montage” by the directors “Hollywood,” Music “clank Alsoarm”, accompanied by “Jun” neck “captive” ends funnily everyone, including “hostage”, which is supposed that it is dead.

For his part, wrote, McCain, a former candidate for the US presidency, in his tweet on the social networking “Twitter” site: “First fabricate pictures of me that I have met with the leaders of” Daash “, and now Russia fabricate me that I Ktalega executions” Daash “.

After the “hackers” spread the video clip on YouTube deleted shortly afterwards.

The organization “Daash” the oldest on the implementation of a large number of executions, during a march towards the establishment of the organization “Caliphate State” Among the dead there were many foreigners, were questioning the execution of operations of a number of them, especially after the calm backs before being executed.