Obama admits trained “Daash” Iranian nuclear negotiator leaves file and spend the night crying

Obama admits trained “Daash” Iranian nuclear negotiator leaves file and spend the night crying and wailing

Washington – Iraq Press – July 9: 2015

Obama admits trained Daash - Iranian nuclear negotiator leaves file and spend the night crying and wailingStill the media around the world and will continue to be and until the completion of Iran’s nuclear program, which take more space than its size and much of the mandate of the US president’s controversial, Barack Obama, preoccupied with the deployment of scandals and gaffes, omissions and masques parties Almtfiqin secretly in many of the thorny issues of the whole Middle East region, the various ostensibly in front of the media in the other,, here is President Obama put himself and his party and his government in an embarrassing position, while spoken openly during a press conference at the White House that “the troops will speed up the training of military elements of al Daash . ” to come slip of the tongue spontaneous or deliberate that by explaining the course of military operations on the organization of the extreme Daash, translated into reality saluting announced today targeting an enemy positions arch to organize Daash in Syria represented pounding belonging to the Al-Nusra Front sites (the military wing of al-Qaeda) after hours Obama’s remarks and after only 24 hours of the bombing of an Iranian pilot named (Mehrdad Sadiq Ali Zadeh) neighborhood Nairiyah residential south of the capital Baghdad, which claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians in addition to the destruction of five houses above the heads of their inhabitants the center of a tug of war between the political parties Iraqis who rushed all party to download his opponent what happened responsibility and in particular that “Zadeh” is one of 38 pilot Iranian sent Iran to participate in military operations against elements of al Daash in Iraq after the assassination of dozens of pilots Iraqis seasoned over 13 years ago in the organization restricted as usual against unknown incidents with no He reveals so far fought one never.

Obama slip

There has been no clarification by the US administration about the slip of the tongue Obama if the slip originally was not a clear message to whom it may concern, but the White House Web site on the Internet, which is published consistently US President whole words , “the Iraqi word” in quotes added after the word “Daash -ISIL”, in a move believed to be correct this “slip”.

Crying Iranians

On the other hand revived Iranian Co in the nuclear negotiations delegation, “the night of the first Destiny” (the night of the nineteenth of the month of Ramadan) , in the “Imam Ali complex” in the Austrian capital Vienna and appeared photographs of members of the delegation weeping during the commemoration, on as quoted by the news agency “Knight” of Iran.

According to the website CNN Iran and Western powers agreed on Tuesday to extend the deadline their negotiations over its nuclear program Iranian to 10 July of this, which was due to expire on 30 June to continue the series of the long-rings and became as “hot section” boring and Smja very waiting for the curtain falls on the most ridiculous dramatic display knew the recent history did not find a solution like that used by the United States with Iraq while the unjust siege imposed on him claimed Bhah million and a half million people for a period of 13 years and end the invasion of fiercer in 2003, killing and wounding more than 3 million Iraqi yet. Ended O.h