Russia invents first nuclear battery in the world

Russia invents first nuclear battery in the world

07/09/2015 12:54 GMT

Russia invents first nuclear battery in the worldFollow-up – and babysit – witness permanently Russian nuclear energy sector revolutionary inventions. For example, the month of April saw the invention of the diversion of nuclear waste to chemical fertilizers technology.
And a continuation of those scientific achievements experts in Tomsk, Siberia Technological University plans to launch the first experimental batch of nuclear batteries.

The principle of operation of the new battery is the source of the “beta rays” that will nickel isotope radiation – 63, which begins its impact electric power generation that can be shipped electronic devices for 50 years.

Russian experts and use the energy decay soft slow-to-peer nickel – 63. In order to achieve this project must be put nickel – 62 in the nuclear reactor will during the one-year period by converting to-peer nickel – 63 which fit its dissolution for electric power generation.

Said Pyotr Gavrilov mining chemical plant manager who is considered an integral part of “Rosatom” Russian state institution that the process of the emergence of a sufficient quantity of the isotope of nickel – 63 and lasts one year. Part This means that the first Russian nuclear battery model will appear at the end of 2016 or early 2017.

The nuclear battery operating dimensions of Benazir nickel – 63 is smaller than the lithium-ion battery by 30 times. It is clean and environmentally not harmful to humans, because the soft radiance and self-absorbed within the body of the battery.