Under the Federal Court declared unconstitutional a number of the general budget for 2015

Under the Federal Court declared unconstitutional a number of the general budget for 2015 materials

06/07/2015 09:29 GMT

Under the Federal Court declared unconstitutional a number of the general budget for 2015Follow-up -oreet – Federal Supreme Court decided, ruling unconstitutional a number of materials for the federal budget in 2015, stressing that the legislation was contrary to the contexts provided for in the Constitution.
The official spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, and in a statement said, “The Federal Supreme Court held its plenary considered, on Monday, appeals the unconstitutionality of a number of federal budget materials for 2015 made by both the Prime Minister and Governor of the Central Bank added to Ozivtma “.

Bayraktar said that “the challenged her articles are: Article (4) and Article (13/1 / c, e, f, g) and Article 41 and Article 46 and Article 47 and Article (49/2) and Article 50 and Article (55) of the Act, and asked the referee to raise cigarettes a deficit of Article (33 / A), which states (and 300% on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages). ”

“As I looked stabbed another in the article 43 of the same law made by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry and Minerals in addition to Ozivthma”, adding that “the court found that these materials were not present at the origin of the sender of the project from the government to the House of Representatives.”

Bayraktar explained that “the referee decides the unconstitutionality of these materials; because the House of Representatives has Pthariaha without returning to the government to take its approval of the project or return them for the purpose of considering the proposals.”

He pointed out that “the resolution stressed that the preparation of the budget is the prerogative of the Council of Ministers and in accordance with the principle of the separation of powers provided for in Article 47 of the Constitution.”

Bayrakdar and that “the court’s decision was consistent with Article 80 / I of the Constitution which provides for the competence of the Council of Ministers in the planning and implementation of public policy of the state, public plans, and supervising the work of ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry.”

“The resolution also came in line also with Article 110 of the Constitution which granted federal authorities the power to draw financial policy, and customs, and issuing currency, organizing trade policy among regions and provinces in Iraq, and the development of the state budget, and formulating monetary policy and the establishment of the Central Bank, and his administration” PSC / h