Parliament: Coming Soon gas oil law (HCL) in the Council of Ministers

Araji of the Parliament: Coming Soon gas oil law (HCL) in the Council of Ministers and the siege of the territory [expanded]

02.07.2015 fifty-nine past five p.m.

Parliament - Coming Soon gas oil law in the Council of Ministers[Baghdad-where]
Deputy Prime Minister informed the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers energy Bahaa al-Araji, the House of Representatives in hosting today’s meeting that “the draft oil and gas law will be presented soon in the Council of Ministers”, stressing that “no siege of Baghdad to the Kurdistan region, including respect in the financial budget.”
House of Representatives hosted today in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 215 deputies Thursday Araji to discuss energy and electricity files in which Mohammed’s Darraji sworn in as minister of industry.
At the outset of the session Jubouri offered the condolences of the House of Representatives of the deputy Abd al-Hadi al-Hakim of the death of the late mother.
This was followed by the President of the House of Representatives a speech marking the start of the legislative year for the second Council which he asserted that Baghdad will not be held hostage to surrender and recidivism despite what went through the events throughout its history, pointing out that the House of Representatives are the hope of the people and its representatives legitimate who are expected to speak Dmirh and aspirations of working with the executive power was born from the womb of parliament, calling for the adoption of legislation package to facilitate the work of the government.
He said al-Jubouri said legislation approved or to be approved interested in developing citizens, noting that the House of Representatives is determined to follow up the supervisory role to hit corrupt as the parliamentary committees continue its work for the completion of major issues, especially that Corruption at least a threat to terrorism.
He called on the President of the House of Representatives of parliamentary committees to resolve their proposals to provide the agreed legislation, stressing that it is time to rectify the differences in order to combat terrorism, which requires reset the internal problems and a full-time to the threat of terrorism starting from the relationship with the province and the application document the political agreement in addition to the reconciliation project National.
Then the Council Bahaa al-hosted Deputy Prime Minister based on his desire to discuss issues related to energy and electricity.
He welcomed al-Jubouri, Deputy Prime Minister pointing out that the Council is determined to hold a series of meetings to follow up the work of the executive authority.
At the beginning of hosting al-Araji, confirmed the existence of failures and cons in Electricity and Energy file annotate because of the lack of a strategy for the energy sector in an integrated manner or units within this sector as well as the rise in oil prices, which have been relied upon without expecting landing.
He said the Deputy Prime Minister that the government and despite what has been disbursed from the funds are still in the initial stages, especially The ministry in the last stage was focused on the energy that has been built based on the gas that we are witnessing a crisis in which the import from the Iran stations.
Araji that Iraq’s need of energy amounting to 18 000 MW and located 13 000 MW and actual reach 11 000 MW, adding that the Committee on Energy in the Council of Ministers favors the introduction of investment in the electricity file and work on the sale of the old power stations and investing.
He pointed to the presence of 500 000 horseshoe on electricity in addition to the Ministry of Electricity in which 60 000 employees surplus explaining that he had been informed of the government to involve Parliament debates the Committee on Energy, “pointing out “The oil ministry was interested in the previous phase extraction, stressing that the export of oil reached yesterday 3.304 million barrels, except for Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region, a breakthrough achieved for the first time, adding that the refinery Maysan in the process of assignment as work continues in the refinery in Karbala expected increase million barrels in the coming year.
He pointed to the existence of negotiations with the side of Jordan to deliver the Basra oil Aqaba to implement the project at a cost of $ 20 billion that are laying the pipeline across the province of Najaf to the border with Jordan after it was planned that passes through Ramadi, calling for rationalizing water consumption, and noting that the dispute between the government and the Kurdistan region is otherwise technician and that any disruption in oil production from the region will be irreducible allocated from the budget of the province of proportion, calling for an end to the dispute through dialogue and in accordance with the Constitution.
In the interventions of the House of Representatives between MP Ares Abdullah, head of the parliamentary energy that the lack of Law regulates the oil and gas is one of the causes of the current problems and wondered about the possibility of oil private law legislation.
MP Adnan al-Janabi has inquired about the role of the Committee on Energy to accelerate the arrival of gas to the power plants.
She MP Hanan al to the need to review ministries actions within the Energy Commission to provide electric generators kerosene for the purpose of citizens processing.
For his part, MP Habib Terminal that the announcement of the fact that the electricity issue is still in the early stages puts a big question mark on the fate of the money that was spent.
He said MP Ali Safi to having stumbled in the establishment of power stations.
He asked MP Mohammad Darraji for measures taken in how to facilitate and encourage investment in the power sector in all governorates of Iraq.
She said the MP Amira Abdel-Karim and a number of power stations in Kirkuk need rehabilitation.
in turn inquired high MP Nassif about the nature of the legal proceedings taken to ensure provincial rights over oil and feasibility Economic Japanese loan.
The MP Sirwan Abdullah that the continuation of current policies will push the region to look for outlets to provide financial liquidity to pay salaries of staff.
He expressed MP Mohammed Naji surprise at the huge money has been spent long years to prove that buy electricity cheaper than its production.
The MP Mohammed al-Tai on the oil, gas and water included in the concept of energy and there are a waste of gas associated with oil and water are Mtatmd in the province of Basra.
He asked MP Abdul Kahar Samurai for actions taken on the rehabilitation of the liberated areas and provide mechanisms maintenance of electrical stations.
In response to the interventions noted Deputy Prime Minister to The draft oil and gas law will be presented soon to the Council of Ministers, pointing out that the provinces of Najaf, Samawa and Babylon are processed low rates of electricity because of the fuel, explaining that the connector for electricity comes from Mosul Dam where you can not retain water quantities in which that produce electricity or storing noting that The Commission does not interfere the work of ministries.
He pointed to progress in obstetrics despite the fact that electricity in the early stages, but progress to Aaoizi what has been spent, was also awarded the 7500 Mika for the purpose of investing in electricity. ”
He said al-Araji, said there convinced the government that the presence of the interests of neighboring countries with the protection of national interests will achieve security in the country, noting that the government supported the oil derivatives $ 500 million in the first half of the current year, stressing that the majority of Basra reach them electricity for 20 hours a day except for two areas.
The Deputy Prime Minister said the Energy Commission decided to expand in the establishment of refineries, particularly in the central provinces, stressing the absence of any blockade of the region because the government recognizes the Kurdistan Regional financial stake, adding that Kirkuk is the Federal Government and the oil region of the province and there is no any political disagreements.
He explained that the lack of justice in the distribution of electricity is linked to the electricity grid and exposed his terrorist operations, stressing that the licensing rounds useful being led to increase oil production rates but there is exaggeration in the money exchange in implementation.
On the other hand, warned first deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi of a crisis in the water during the coming period, stressing that the government will take political action through negotiation with Turkey to increase the water quota military and others.
For his part, Murtaza Hussein Ali, an agricultural adviser in the prime minister that Daash controls the column of water in the Euphrates River in addition to the loss of large amounts of water by some quarters, indicating that Even in the event that Turkey firing amounts of water, the Daash will storing releases in bridging tenderness alluding to the existence of a package of special water protection measures, and called for the exercise of political pressure on Iran and Turkey to increase water releases on the Tigris River.
For his part, praised Hamoudi to attend al-Araji, a Council.
This was followed by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and marshes statement on water crisis Basin Euphrates indicated it to the deterioration in the economic, social and environmental situation in some central and southern governorates, expressing its deep concern for water crisis in the coming period, calling for the formation of an official delegation to ask the neighboring countries to increase water releases especially in the Euphrates River Basin and to the Ministry of Water Resources, in coordination with the Ministry of Defense to protect water installations and secure the Ministry of Water Resources adequate water revenue from the Tigris River to feed the marshes as well as claim the ministries concerned to play a key role in the relief population of the affected areas.
On the other hand Hamoudi announced withdrawal objection previously submitted to manual voting, which was to take Mohammed’s Darraji minister of industry, noting that the vote in the legislative term of the former officially became.
Later, the Mohammed Darraji was sworn in as minister of industry.
In another context display MP Raad Aldhlki Chairman of the displaced The deportees request signed by more than 40 deputies to the inclusion of displaced people in Turkey and Jordan displaced same benefits at home, while Mr. First Deputy President of the Council announced the postponement of the discussion to the next meeting and submit them to Saturday Almqubl.anthy