Sales of the Central Bank for more than $ 290 million

Sales of the Central Bank for more than $ 290 million

06/29/2015 11:24 GMT

Sales of the Central Bank for more than 290 million dollarsFollow-up – and babysit – sold the Central Bank of Iraq, in the auction for the sale of foreign currency ,, $ 290 million, marking a rise of $ 22 million for yesterday who sold the $ 268 million.
The central bank is trying to cope with the surge in the dollar over the past days, reaching more than 1,400 dinars to the dollar while the official rate of 1166 dinars but these prices dropped again to 1230 dinars to the dollar.

According to a statement of the bank, news agency public opinion received (and babysit) a copy of it, on Monday, that “the amount sold size today by the bank at the auction of the dollar today reached 290 million and 914 thousand and $ 740, priced at 1166 dinars exchange rate to the dollar, and with the participation of 22 banks and two financial transferable. ”

He pointed out that “the amount of remittances and the volume of credits, amounted to 252 million and 739 thousand and $ 740, while the quantity sold was 38 million in cash and 175 thousand dollars.”

The statement said that “the Iraqi Central Bank to continue buying and selling dollars at 1166 dinars,” adding that “the sale of remittances price of 1187 dinars / dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 21 dinars per dollar, with total cash sales price of the dollar in 1190 dinars / USD, including the commission Bank Central of 24 dinars per dollar. ”

It is said that, Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, suggested during hosted last week in the parliamentary finance committee, the abolition of the private bank’s auction sale of foreign currencies including the US dollar to save the exchange rate against the dinar, and prevent the increase of the dollar exchange rate, and the liberalization of price without any limitation and sell anyone who wants to buy it, because there is a reserve in the bank responds to any request with instructions to restrict sales and controls but this is what the Bank can not be done. ”

For his part, Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Saturday that the central bank is facing demand pressures on the currency, “he said.”

With regard to the Bank measures to reduce the high price of the dollar, Saleh explained to [where], “There are some actions by the Bank, imposed on him, and the other is taken such as imposing 8% against the transport of goods when the conversion, and this is borne by the exchange rate and gave the wrong signal to him.”