Infallible reassure Maliki: You are staying in your position

Infallible reassure Maliki: You are staying in your position

Thursday 25-06-2015 | 4:18:23

Infallible reassure Maliki - You are staying in your positionTwilight News / President of the Republic of Iraq denied Fuad Masum, health news on Thursday talked about the existence of attempts to pry Vice President Nuri al-Maliki from office.

A statement for the presidency seen by Twilight News that the infallible received his deputy al-Maliki, and discussed developments in the political, security and economic situation on the Iraqi arena as well as the nature of Iraq’s relations with the regional and international environment.

The two sides also discussed “completed the steps on the road to national reconciliation and the desired future and mechanisms to be followed in order to reach real reconciliation include everyone without discrimination with the exception of whose hands are stained with the blood of Iraqis,” stressing that “this matter will contribute to build a federal, democratic, progressive and prosperous at all levels.”

He expressed surprise at the infallible, “the report published by the newspaper (UAE statement) and reports by some local newspapers about trying to keep al-Maliki for the position of vice president and other scenarios.”

President of the Republic stressed that “this news is untrue altogether,” stressing “the need for the media precision and professionalism in the dissemination of news.”

He commended infallible and Maliki on “the efforts and sacrifices of the people of the armed forces and the popular crowd and the Peshmerga in addressing the organization Daash dearly and Bzlhm to liberate and secure all areas under the control of terrorists and work for the return of displaced people to their home areas, including”.

For his part, al-Maliki price, “the role of Mr. President and his outstanding efforts in bringing the views of the political parties and access to safety in Iraq.”