Ask Daash gold of its own currency “Islamic dinar”

Ask Daash gold of its own currency “Islamic dinar”

Wednesday 24-06-2015 | 12:24:22

Ask Daash gold of its own currency - Islamic dinarTwilight News / Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that the terrorist organization began Daash instrument of its currency by own gold from “Islamic dinar,” according to the allegations of Syrian activists yesterday evening.

Photos posted on the money that social networking sites a series of gold dinars bearing inscriptions organization has shown, with an estimated value of one dinar to $ B139.

The organization announced last November that it will begin its own currency instrument in areas under his control, in an attempt to liberate himself from the “satanic world economic order”.

It is noteworthy that currency in circulation which are designed along the lines of the original dinars which were used during the Ottoman Empire, is scheduled to include two categories of gold, three silver and two copper. The inscriptions on the gold coins in the form of seven ears, as stated in the Koran, and the map of the world.

It has appeared on the original design of the Arab currencies message that says “Islamic state .. succession on a platform of prophecy.”