Committee competent implementation of Article 140 declares completed 90%

Committee competent implementation of Article 140 of the center and south of Iraq declares completed 90% of its

23/06/2015 09:18

Committee competent implementation of Article 140 declares completed 90 percentPress direction / Salah Al-Ghazali
Competent for the implementation of Article 140 Committee, announced on Tuesday, the central and southern Iraq completed 90% of its business .
And Chairman of the relevant committee Mohammed al-Jubouri said in an interview with “direction Press” that the Commission has completed nearly 90% of its work on the applications and re-Aaltaweid agricultural contracts.
He Jubouri to the presence of 12 of the subcommittee of the Committee received about 7000 treatment for those affected and in accordance with Article 140, indicating that the amount of compensation for each transaction between MTD and 25 billion Iraqi dinars and are concentrated mostly in the province of Diyala and eliminate Dujail.
Jubouri said that most of those affected have not received the amount of compensation except retrieve some land confiscated by the former regime to their rightful owners.

This is not Article 140 of the Constitution remains highly controversial and particularly with the Kurds try to exploit for political gain on the country’s geographical and Demogravetha account through large areas cut off to be attached to the Kurdistan region and transform identity and Depopulation. sa