Allawi attacking Keywords: Get out of the central bank “basket quotas odious”

Allawi attacking Keywords: Get out of the central bank “basket quotas odious”

BAGHDAD – Iraq Press -22 June: 2015

Allawi attacking Keywords - Get out of the central bank - basket quotas odiousStudent Vice President of the Republic, Iyad Allawi, the attribution of the Iraqi Central Bank to manage personalities able to secure the stability of the currency to rid Iraq of the economy partisan quotas.

Allawi said in a statement, received / Iraq Press / copy of it on Monday, “The continued decline in the dinar exchange rate against the dollar affects almost directly in the citizen and lead to higher commodity prices weighing his shoulders in the month of Ramadan, and contributes to the impoverished, exacerbated by threats civil peace, and represents the other face of terrorism. ”

He added that “floundering policies and decisions is studied Central Bank, which has the responsibility to maintain the value of the currency, led to a loss of confidence in Iraqi currency and pay the owners of dinars to replace about fast to the dollar to maintain its value, which led to the currency deterioration.”

Allawi stressed by saying, “The corruption mafias took advantage of this decline for a profit without conscience or national and dearest, and without fear of the expense.”

He asked “Allawi” Iraqi government and parliament to bring the central bank, which he called a “basket quotas obnoxious, and the replacement of those responsible for the collapse of the exchange rate who were hired for reasons of partisan known, and they lack the experience to manage such a serious institution, and national personalities of the owners of expertise and efficiency and the ability to secure currency stability and ending the state of proxy appointment and give confidence to those who deserved it. ”

Allawi disclosed “seek to conduct an inventory of my account on all funds expended Iraq since the occupation of Iraq in 2003 and to this day using a professional and impartial international experience, and detect objects of expenditure and cases of corruption and waste of public money and punish all the perpetrators.”

The capital Baghdad last week’s demonstrations, in protest against the rise in the dollar rate against the deterioration of the value of the Iraqi dinar, which has led to rising commodity and food prices, including private. Ended (1)