War calls for the development of the new image of the city of Ur currency

War calls for the development of the new image of the city of Ur currency


War calls for the development of the new image of the city of Ur currencyBAGHDAD / … called legal expert Tareq Harb, Sunday, the Iraqi Central Bank to put a picture Ziggurat of Ur in the new currency to be issued soon from the 50 categories of 100 thousand dinars.

He said the war in a statement received “eye Iraq News,” a copy of it, that “reports by some media of the central bank approval to put a picture Kut Barrage in the new currency leads us to call the central bank to put a picture Ziggurat of Ur city moon city of Ur timeless as it represents Sumerian civilization of Ur, or the gods of the adoption of the first female you’ve ever seen a picture of the goddess Inanna, the city of Ur. ”

He added that “the adoption of the city of Ur as represented by the slogan for this currency in the new currency which the Bank will be printed as outweigh the adoption of all the images and shapes now contained in the Iraqi currency, and much more than the adoption of Kut Barrage or any other world or other personal.”

He pointed out that “the city of Ur is a religious direction the oldest in the history of religions and civilizations, where the house of Abu prophets of Prophet Abraham and where the keenness of all Vatican Pope on pilgrimage to this city and not had is they were beaten in their pilgrimage because of conditions in Iraq are not even the Supreme Pontiff Pope current He announced his intention to pilgrimage to Ur of this year issued a formal statement from the office of the Pontifical Not to mention that this desire for a pilgrimage to this city obsessed entices all believers all over the world and so can imagine the extent of divine carried by Orr and Zkortha “.

He pointed out that “writing and blogging have emerged for the first time on the face of the earth in this city where the cuneiform writing, which is the oldest and the first writing known to mankind agreement of all the archaeologists, history and before the ancient Egyptian writing appearance in Egypt more than five hundred years so they said that history starts from Sumer and meant the writing that appeared in the Sumerian for the first time in this city. ”

He continued war, “I have known the city of Ur first musical instrument comparable to modern musical instruments, a harp Sumerian and I knew the first queen in history a Queen Havad where preceded the queens of the Pharaohs several centuries, as this city is known first written law and written back in history a Oornmo law who was born more than a six thousand years old and already the Pharaonic, Greek, Hindi, Romanian, Persian laws hundreds of years, but he does not already Code of Hammurabi more than a thousand years. ”

He argued that “this city has witnessed the emergence of the first parliament and the first court and the first celebration of the first Temple and the first ziggurat in history and has been the language of this city and its culture, a language and culture Sumerian sovereignty in the Covenant Akkadian Babylonian Covenant which appeared in Iraq after the end of the era of the city of Ur, where the Sumerian culture for hundreds of continued years after the demise of the city of Ur and the culture and the language of a culture and the language of this city, which was dominant in the subsequent covenants for the extinction of the city deserve Alozky position and deserve the ultimate place a new Iraqi currency. ”

He pointed out war “But if we take the view adopted by the US Secretary of the Treasury to put image of a woman in the new US currency from dollars ten category, the (Inanna) first gods Female Moon Goddess city of Ur can be placed in the new Iraqi currency, and this proposal in addition to other labels of civilization old Iraqi Kalmlkh Havad and Ishtar and other “.anthy 1