Integrity: High dollar caused by the corrupt central bank and Sankhvhm Whatever his posts

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity: High dollar caused by the corrupt central bank and Sankhvhm Whatever his posts

6.19.2015 9:18

Integrity - High dollar caused by the corrupt central bank and Sankhvhm Whatever his posts[Baghdad-where]
the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri accused corrupt in the Central Bank of Iraq and behind the high exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar.
He said Nuri told all of Iraq [where], “The high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar caused by corruption in the Central Bank back and this can not be accepted in any way.
He said that the Integrity Commission has already achieved such files the bank and there are another probe in this field ” .
“It is not acceptable that gets reduced to the value of the Iraqi dinar by a quarter of its value in a matter of days,” he said. “We’re going after the heads of corruption spoilers whatever they were in any position or range For we oath on this duty before God and the Iraqi people.”
He pointed Nuri out that “it is not reasonable and we are embarking on the month of Ramadan and the market stalled and traders as well as the Iraqi citizen is unable to shopping and buying needs for this month and pockets empty high and the prices will not remain silent on this and we will reveal corruption and the corrupt. ” He explained the parliamentary member of the Integrity “We Ankhva secret that there is pressure from political parties and even files previous corruption to the Commission and we are getting phone calls from destinations we were impossible to envisage defending the corrupt, “he said.” suffer from pressure and favoritism and its staff as and even threats and I, personally, have suffered an accident about two weeks ago about a file from the file is in the process of investigation and uncovered two of the perpetrators and delivered arrested and paid so dearly that almost kills my life and crashed my car in the accident, but will not keep silent about the truth, and this era we have made ​​in front of the Iraqi people. ” and “They have given us huge amounts but has refused to come under after threats and did what they did,” without naming these entities . Nuri He argued that “the central bank issue affecting the lives of citizens and will not be silent about it, adding that” there is an international mafias organization and there is corruption codified and lawmaker and inside the state institutions and these need to be a good follow-up to detect it. ” The parliamentary Finance Committee yesterday accused the CBI of violating Constitution in selling the dollar amounts Bmzadeh daily more than scheduled in the financial budget law for 2015, which defined sell the bank for $ 75 million. According to a statement that “the Finance Committee has revealed the organization you are buying the dollar under false pretenses groups as the offerings from About the Central Bank for the purchase entirely different from the beneficiary of the transfer the money by the banks that are buying, these groups have become controlled prices Dollar in collaboration with some corrupt in the central bank and other authorities in the state. ” dollar exchange rates have seen in front of the dinar in local markets since yesterday Thursday a significant decline, reaching about 1300 dinars to the dollar [130 000 dinars per hundred dollars] after he was before the days of 1500 dinars to the dollar [150 000 dinars for one hundred dollars. He assured the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last Wednesday of a case apprehensive about the exchange rate of the dinar Iraqi compared to the US dollar, saying “we will strike manipulators prices dollar with an iron fist,” noting that “there is speculation and manipulation by corrupt and who want to influence the economic conditions and manipulation Bakot Iraqi people.” The prime minister Haider al-Abadi chaired Wednesday a meeting of the crisis cell has been the examine the economic and financial situation and stressed during the meeting the need to maintain the dinar exchange rate against the dollar in local markets .anthy