US experts: Obama strategy put in danger the future of the Abadi

US experts: Obama strategy put in danger the future of the Abadi


US experts - Obama strategy put in danger the future of the AbadiTranslation / … Since control Daash the city of Ramadi, and the announcement of the Obama administration’s new approach in its approach towards the fight Daash in Iraq, under US administration and President Obama to severe media criticism and social as well as from the US political insider, which feeds that statements is studied launched by the former as well as the continued analysis of the military and media professionals that focused on the show kinks in this stated approach.

Among those analyzes reported newspaper “News Week” of specialists in Shan Middle Alausl where he addressed the development of the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi in light of the challenges that put him where Obama’s current approach and its impact on his government in the future.

Where is Abadi as cited one of the best current leaders of this phase of analysis for the US administration to have its wide acceptance among Iraqi politicians and various ingredients parties, as expressed by one component of the Sunni leaders “Issawi” describing Abadi, “the man good” during an interview Sources connected with the newspaper and this is a source of strength for Ebadi for being able to achieve a positive understanding between the parties to be the missing link between them.

At the same time cited analysis indictment of former Prime Minister “Nuri al-Maliki” to work to undermine al-Abadi Authority in what other analyzes published in several places “to work behind the scenes” in order to make it fail to be able to return to power, which he referred to himself in an interview with the ” BBC ” last month.

He continued to say that the strategic analysis on which the Obama hoped to deter Daash without bringing in troops on the ground as a basis based on personal characteristics Abadi If he fails and his government, it will inevitably mean the end of Obama’s approach to the Iraqi situation, whether politically or militarily.

And Palmatty with the other fact that the great diversity in the nature of Iraqi politics is now high tension on both the sectarian conflict between the public and political figures has become more influential on the situation in Iraq in general, where Abadi be as described Gazette safety valve combined for most of the parties under the control of the government, especially since the majority They have the armed forces on the ground could undermine the authority of any government that does not have sufficient acceptance of those parties, and subject to the continuation of this cohesion is the survival of a strong and unified worship authority, which must be treasured by the United States and the policy of Obama.

There is a growing concern, according to newspaper reported, citing analysts from the current strategy that gives the time lag for Daash to adjust the strategy to fight the strikes that might could lose his balance and create gaps within its ranks which can be exploited by Iraqi forces nature and this was expressed clearly by General “McAllister” when he described this the fact that the data tested himself during his leadership of the Joint Operations Unit in Iraq before and during the process, “wave” led by Petraeus during 2006 and 2007.

It concludes the analysis by quoting to one of the main specialists, a “Michael O’Hanlon,” User specialist at the Brookings Institute who presented the Nsaha for Obama to take the fact that measures to support the government of al-Abadi include sending troops on the ground to take part in the fighting on the front lines and the introduction of helicopters and weapons closer to the fronts and to work with the Iraqi forces effectively and not just a superficial commitment as it is now to come to a genuine undermine the existence of Daash and also install poles government Abadi prepared by a researcher the basis for the establishment of Obama’s strategy and its approach to Iraq last hope for the success of American democracy and that by losing lose Obama Iraq for the benefit of regional countries or several internal forces the results will not ominous not for Iraq nor to America Nevsha.anthy 5.