Vice calls off sale of hard currency for banks and restrict civil

Vice calls off sale of hard currency for banks and restrict civil Baovernmah

6/17/2015 nine forty-one

Vice calls off sale of hard currency for banks and restrict civil{Baghdad: Euphrates News} student member of the House of Representatives of the National Coalition MP Kazem al-Shammari, Wednesday, the Central Bank of Iraq to stop the sale of hard currency to private banks and turn them into government banks, warning of the existence of mafias working to pull the dollar from the central bank bills import counterfeit goods were the cause of the burning of the market and the decline of the local currency’s exchange rate.
Al-Shammari said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “During our visit to the General Authority for the Iraqi Customs stunned the existence of cases of corruption and fraud get you through the transfer of funds from private banks and the central bank to traders under the buy goods title operations.”
He added that “the mechanism used going about the need to go a trader wishing to import goods to private banks to buy foreign currency and offers banks a bill of goods that are supposed to be purchased, where the National Bank in turn collects a number of bills and send them to the Central Bank to receive the amounts of those bills. ”
He added that “supposed Within this context The central bank approached Authority customs verification import goods process whether or not to add to the knowledge of the tax value shall be refunded from the import of those goods to be the proceeds of the central bank but what is happening that the central bank does not approached customs, and this creates Baba serious the doors of the withdrawal of foreign currency and traded in markets “.
He said “there are some bills bearing strange figures including import 60 million refrigerated air and this means Mbrdtin each Iraqi citizen in addition to bills import rebar used in construction and that she had actually entered it constitutes a cloud of iron covered the skies of Iraq from north to south Not to mention that there are some traders sends every day purchase invoice for the withdrawal of hard currency without follow-up of the central bank and we are convinced that all these bills are forged. ”
He said Shammari said “There are serious mafias burned the market and on the central bank to stop sell the currency to domestic banks to save market local of ignition and sold to banks and government and are taking swift measures of the Integrity Commission and the Board of Supreme Audit to follow up on such cases was the cause of the local currency deterioration. ”
It is said that the dollar’s exchange rate against the local currency, has seen a remarkable increase, where government source confirmed to take measures to reduce the dollar exchange rate against the dinar, and one of the measures to be taken is to increase the central bank sales, especially in the area of remittances, in addition to doubling Asdarriet Bank in this Ganb.anthy