Obama under the hammer criticism: What did he do during the past few months?

Obama under the hammer criticism: What did he do during the past few months?


Obama under the hammer criticism - What did he do during the past few monthsBAGHDAD / .. renewed strong criticism and harsh toward US President Barack Obama after a meeting of the seven major countries in France as a result of his comments about not having a strategy in Iraq, and has grown the criticism this time to accommodate more do not leave aside from the home of his administration and replaced by the White House, but the Utath.

Where he was the official spokesman for the House of Representatives Office of politicians in America, “John Boehner” on Monday posted a video of thirty seconds on his official Includes clips to cut Mmentjh talking about duplicate question Obama about not having a strategy in Iraq.

It recalls that Obama has between according to a report published by the BBC that the progress made by Daash is temporary does not rise to the level of real danger and could be reversed by increasing US support for Iraqi forces.

Video published by Penner music and saying to him read, “Hope is not a strategy,” referring to Barack Obama does not have only to hope that solve the same dilemma without making any real decision bold, and the escalation of the matter between the two of up to social networking Twitter site where the deployment of the last ends mocking the lack of US strategy in Iraq represents a small notice people standing empty-handed and they open.

It recalls that Boehner is not the only one who criticized Obama on the back of his comments on the situation in Iraq, the US Republican Party, said, “What President Obama is doing for the past ten months.”

Increasing it to include the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, “John McCain” where he announced his opinion during a meeting of the Senate on Monday, saying “we wonder, but must ask whether the president really wants to be paid not quite something and waiting for what will happen in a year and a half year the next without making anything to stop the genocide and the absorption of blood and other horrible things that are going now in the Middle East campaigns? “.

It is worth noting that the US president said on Monday that he also will announce its overall strategy regarding the situation in the Middle East as soon as available, referring to the development and Ahdh.anthy 5.