CNN: Washington is considering sending 500 US troops to Iraq

CNN: Washington is considering sending 500 US troops to Iraq

06/10/2015 11:05 GMT

CNN - Washington is considering sending 500 US troops to IraqAgencies – A source in the US administration that the White House is seriously considering to send more troops to Iraq to participate in the face of the organization “Daash” he said, adding that the number could be up to almost 500 additional troops, including raising the total number of US forces in Iraq to more than 3,500 .
The source, who spoke to Network “CNN” News of America, speaking on condition of anonymity that the US military had for some time looking at the range of options that could be adopted to meet the organization Daash in Iraq, and including the possibility of sending a thousand more troops, but the option that is on the table currently limited to 500 soldier.

It is not known how many soldiers who will participate directly in the training tasks, and the number who will participate in other military operations, such as air support, medical or security.

And it will be accompanied by the decision to send more troops – under any circumstances its release – with the Iraq open more military training centers, especially in Anbar province and other areas of the country.

The network quoted a US source familiar with the case that is available between the US forces to train Sunni tribes options directly, but without providing them with weapons. Currently serving in Iraq more than three thousand soldiers, including 2250 soldiers devote their time to support the Iraqi security forces, while providing 800 troops protected the American dignitaries, and oversees 450 soldiers to train Iraqi forces, while 200 troops assume other tasks help.