Close to Abadi: This is what happened actually Paris Conference

Close to Abadi: This is what happened actually Paris Conference

Wednesday 03-06-2015 | 12:13:01

Close to Abadi - This is what happened actually Paris ConferenceTwilight News / MP said on the Keywords and a close associate of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday that the international coalition meeting in Paris yesterday put points on the letters after presenting his vision for Abadi obstacles facing Iraq in its war against al “Daash”.

He added Keywords for Twilight News, “The meeting yesterday in Paris was marked by seriousness, and put points on the characters, and gave Abadi During the meeting, Iraq’s position on terrorism and Iraq vision of the role of the international coalition in the war against Daash”.

Keywords explained that “al-Abadi told the international coalition not last serious heavily in support of Iraq, and told them handicaps armament and called on the international coalition a high coordination with the Iraqi side in the ongoing fighting in the country.”

And he reached the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday to Baghdad after taking part in the international meeting, which was held in the French capital Bryce according to a statement issued by his office and stating that “al-Abadi arrived at dawn to the homeland after his visit to France, to participate in the international coalition meeting to fight al Daash, and that one-day.

Abadi got yesterday on international commitments quickly armament and increase the effectiveness of air strikes against targets of the “Daash” after stinging criticism from the international coalition in which he said that the latter “failed to prevent the flow of terrorists into Iraq.”

According to information seen by Twilight News, four promises conditional obtained Abadi compared to reassure Sunni Arabs arming tribes and the adoption and implementation of the National Guard Law and activating the national reconciliation file and cancel memorandums of judicial arrest which was issued politically motivated, whether under terrorism or integrity and approval of the amnesty law and the work of a file title balance within the government file and scaled the popular crowd at the level of armament and financial spending and participation in leadership.

Conversely it pledged America and Britain restricting media jihad, and pledged to America, France, Italy and Saudi Arabia to drain the headwaters of the financing of terrorism, and vowed to Turkey and NATO control of the border, and France and Britain pledged to stop the flow of migrants towards Iraq and Syria.

Were identified three months deadline to meet monitoring Abadi promises that promising in the first Paris Conference, and confirm with Obama in Washington and repeated it in Paris in the second conference of this June.