Jeb Bush calls to send troops to Iraq after the failure of Obama

Jeb Bush calls to send troops to Iraq after the failure of Obama

31/05/2015 20:46

Jeb Bush calls to send troops to Iraq after the failure of ObamaThere is a need for the integration of US soldiers as I have already done successfully, to assist in the training and setting goals ..

Bush called President Barack Obama’s deal with the organization Daash failure.

In an interview with Hbkpgdad / Obelisk: American political Republican Jeb Bush said the United States should be incorporated into some of the American soldiers in the ranks of the Iraqi forces to train and identify Alohdav.h CBS, Sunday expected the Republican Party candidate for the presidency, said he did not calls for the deployment of US combat forces in Iraq would be in return for the war policy conducted by his brother, former President George W. Bush. Bush.

But Jeb Bush said that there are steps that can be taken by the United States to address the rise of Daash organization in the region. Obama adopted to a large extent on the air strikes to attack targets in the organization’s policy has achieved some success, but did not stop the militants.

And the opinion of Bush on Iraq is important because it fought a debate earlier this month on whether would make a decision to launch the Iraq war in 2003.

Bush said, “In light of what we know now,” it would take was a decision of war. But fell later on this statement and said he misunderstood the question.

Bush, who is expected to be nominated for the presidential elections of 2016 under the umbrella of the Republican Party announced in the coming weeks the United States needed to coordinate extensively with the government and the Iraqi army said.

“We need to integrate the US soldiers as has been done successfully and to assist in training and setting goals .. that good at what we do.”

He added that he also should be on the United States to extend the Iraqi Kurdish fighters who are fighting Daash weapons.

“It is not our strategy now .. We have a series of tactics and deal with what is happening on the ground. This does not mean that we have to put fighters soldiers in harm’s way.”