Oil Minister: We do not want a relationship with the sale and purchase of the province

Oil Minister: We do not want a relationship with the sale and purchase of the province and Daash began to produce derivatives of Qayyarah field [expanded]

5/26/2015 ten past six p.m.

Oil Minister - We do not want a relationship with the sale and purchase of the province[Baghdad-where]
Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the unwillingness of his ministry that the relationship with the Kurdistan region is relationship selling and buying oil “revealing” the start of the terrorist gangs Daash production of oil derivatives from Qayyarah field in Mosul. ”
Said Abdul-Mahdi told all of Iraq [where] that “the oil agreement so far for us, such as the ministry of oil and the Government of the other very well,” noting that “what we received this month is less up to 20% of what we received from last month but also exceeded the amount of 400 000 barrels in the Turkish port of Ceyhan. ”
He stressed that “a strong agreement in recent days, and since we went to Arbil delivery rates where we received quantities of 600 and 700 000 barrels and hope for the end of the month to be Muslim quantities close to the agreed [550 000 barrels] rose.”
He pointed out that “relations on the ground and between the institutions, and here not talking about politicians and the noise and the media, is a good, healthy and frank relations but all the problems not solved there will remain outstanding matters if the parties did not sit in the province and the federal government to settle all the outstanding long years since the issues.”
explained Minister of Oil “There are things accumulated should be resolved and there are principles not developed because of the absence of oil and gas law must put its principles in order not to pass through each month crisis and the crisis in the accounts and figures counter and satellite fueling do not want the country to be exposed to shocks in each month, so we need to sit down and put settlements final and stable production and export to the region’s share. ”
said Abdul-Mahdi, “as we do not want to turn to a seller and a buyer, we are in a country that has a Constitution and laws is supposed to work under,” pointing out that “these contexts and laws established by Parliament, and involving the Ministry of Oil and all stakeholders, as well as financial Almurad law should proceed, “noting that” Because of the absence of such laws abound jurisprudence and every party diligent way you think about so we need to constants work and, unfortunately, is missing since 10 years ago. ”
He revealed the oil minister for “the terrorist Daash gangs and since yesterday to begin production of derivatives of Qayyarah oil field in Mosul, which lies within its control, and this explains the momentum big and heavy played by Daash to control some of the fields and refineries to the need of its war machine into fuel derivatives and increased money then your entry Qayyarah an important indicator of the nature of the battle in, “stressing” the importance of depriving Daash of this fuel because it is the lifeblood for the organization. ”
He stressed Abdul-Mahdi, “the existence of very large losses to Iraq of smuggling Daash of oil and because of military operations, which is estimated at billions of dollars,” noting that “the Baiji refinery stopped as assets, as well as reservoirs and the loss of production of derivatives, which we import this all the billions in losses as well as in Alas fields and Tell A and Ajil “pointing out that” Daash historical and regional and international political and sectarian issue and where many dimensions. ”
It is said that the Kurdistan Regional Government accuses Baghdad not to carry out the oil agreement and commitment to the payment of Msthakt the province of the budget under this Agreement despite extradition prescribed by the quantities.
The gave the Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani, just days before the federal government to abide by the agreement oil and resolve obstacles in or sale of oil by independently within a month or two months.
The agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, which reached him the end of 2014 the province exported 250 000 barrels of production with the export of 300 000 barrels of Kirkuk fields through Anabebh extended with Turkey in return Baghdad to pay the Kurdistan financial benefits by 17% from 2 Almoisnh.anthy