White House admits .. Our strategy in Iraq has failed

White House admits .. Our strategy in Iraq has failed


White House admits - Our strategy in Iraq has failedTranslation / .. report a US newspaper said the administration to the White House began to feel very embarrassed because of what happened to him the situation in Iraq, Syria and its failure in the war led in collaboration with its allies against al Daash, and at the time did not find the military campaign waged by America’s useful to stop Almstdd organization for expansion, America began to recognize the serious failure.

The report, carried by the newspaper “The Wall Street Journal,” translated “appointed Iraq News” , “After The White House came to growing criticism after the fall of gray, however Daash, and attempts at justification which was considered the incident by the US administration as” an obstacle strategy “as mentioned failure on the lips of more than one official source, did not find the White House, but admits that implicitly was on the lips of “Josh Earnest,” a spokesman for the Information Office of the White House that “fighting with Daash have to wait for more than two years more optimistic scenario during which the situation on the ground has changed much which requires us to edit the strategy. ”

According to the report, the US administration has postponed its plan to restore Mosul and preferred to start to accelerate and expand the training and equipping of Iraqi security forces.

The report continues that there is “controversy and exchanges between the presidential candidates Americans about the issue of Iraq where he pays a lot of critics of Obama toward re-send US troops to the Iraqi land, which remind him what he said Friday Lindsey Graham likely candidate for the presidential race through the Republican southerners conference by saying,” The reality in Iraq now painless, and the only way that I know to protect these Iraqi nation is to send our soldiers to participate again Iraqis in their quest to stop Daash before the time runs out. ”

And it draws the report said, “and taking in view of the commitment of the current US administration by refusing to send soldiers to maintain the approach currently confined to the processing and training of my people and urged Iraq and Syria to” fight their battles themselves, “as expressed by former US State Department, and it means expanding the duration of the conflict.

The report adds that “US officials have long talked about a time frame to participate in the battles against Daash-standing three years as expressed by President Obama through a grant authorization for the use of US military forces on the ground by the US Congress in February,” he will give our armed forces and coalition continuity you need to three years, “referring to the mandate.”

And bridge the report, but “it seems that this situation has changed now after the description of US officials for the duration of the conflict that is linked to the situation on the ground as expressed by the official spokesman for the Pentagon, Colonel,” Steve Warren, “he said,” that this battle will be long, but it will continue at least for three years. The White House said earlier that any proposal to send troops to Iraq is an incitement to invade another new Although not a presidential candidate or a US law-maker this option has introduced officially after.

The report continues, “in the same context, many Republican observers told to put the White House near their desire to push the US government to send ground troops to Iraq and was the most prominent of these governor of the state of Texas,” Ricky Perry, “the former governor of New York,” George Batki “in bucked this opinion Hillary Clinton announcing support for the current policy of support and training also made the remarks to reporters in New Hambtcher by saying “there is no active role for the US troops can be played on the ground in Iraq only provide advice and training.”

It should be noted that the United States is now on the ground in Iraq three thousand soldiers within its mission of training and advice and this number rises after the announcement of its intention to speed up the training plans to send more trainers, which in turn will require sending more soldiers for protection and logistics. It ended 12