Daash the killing of the leader of the “Abu Sayyaf Tunisian” in Syria

Daash the killing of the leader of the “Abu Sayyaf Tunisian” in Syria

17/05/2015 08:27 GMT

Daash the killing of the leader of the Abu Sayyaf Tunisian in SyriaAgencies – US official revealed that the leader of the organization “Daash”, aka “Abu Sayyaf”, who was killed in an operation by a unit of special forces deep inside Syrian territory last night, was carrying Tunisian nationality.
The source, who requested anonymity: “We have informed the Tunisian government on the process”, which was implemented in one of the oil fields near the city of “Der Zor”, eastern Syria, and killed at least 10 militants, the militant group known as the “Daash.”

For his part, US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, the killing of “Abu Sayyaf”, which is believed to be responsible for oil and gas operations management in the organization Daash, as “a strong blow to the terrorist organization”, pointing out that it is the implementation of the process, on the instructions of the President Barack Obama.

And the killing of Abu Sayyaf, and who did not know his real name on the spot, during the operation, which was aimed at his arrest, during an exchange of fire between gunmen from al Daash and elements of the US unit executing the operation, which returned all its members unharmed, according to confirmed American minister.

Carter added that the Abu Sayyaf was one of the participants in the leadership of military operations to regulate Daash, also had a role in the financial operations of the Organization of the Department, and his wife, dubbed the “Mother Sayyaf”, and who was arrested during the operation was transferred to Iraq, he had a role is other within the leadership of the organization.