The Washington Post: takeover Daash on gray blow to the US-led campaign

The Washington Post: takeover Daash on gray blow to the US-led campaign

16/05/2015 10:54 GMT

The Washington Post - takeover Daash on gray blow to the US-led campaignAgencies – Washington Post reported on Saturday considered a takeover organizing “terrorist Daash” on key areas in the city of Ramadi, a major Iraqi provincial capital of Anbar process, as a major blow to the military campaign backed by the United States to regain territory from the militants.
The newspaper pointed out in a report posted on its website – that the attack began first on Thursday night when the infiltration of militants regulation to downtown Ramadi dressed in police uniforms, according to the words of one of the men “militias”, which is battling with the city’s police where the attackers opened fire on the policemen and launched a violent attack It evolved to include missile and artillery shells and booby-trapped cars while residents said the gunmen raised the black flag of the organization Daash the government complex in Ramadi and besieged an important center for military operations in the west of the city.

The newspaper quoted one resident as saying, “events were more like a massacre in a movie about World War II in light of bombing everywhere and falling dead in the streets.”

The newspaper added that in case of takeover regulation Daash the city of Ramadi, it thus gain a foothold is less than 70 miles west of Baghdad and the fall of this city would be a serious setback for the Iraqi government, which announced just last month for a military campaign to expel the organization Daash of province Anbar. The newspaper added that although the description officials and local residents a horrific scene in Ramadi, the Iraqi government played down the importance of the battle, pointing out that in a televised speech Monday evening, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi pointed to the attack on Ramadi as a setback occur as in any battle , US officials also said that the Iraqi forces were defeated. And

Shed the newspaper light on the words of Brigadier General Thomas idly, chief of staff of the coalition forces that the US-led fight al Daash told reporters in Washington that its fighters had carried out a complex attack against Iraqi security forces in Ramadi, said Iraqi forces managed to repel most of these attacks, however, insurgents have made gains.