The Guardian: News wounded al-Baghdadi as “paralysis”

The Guardian: News wounded al-Baghdadi as “paralysis”

02/05/2015 09:28 GMT

The Guardian - News wounded al-Baghdadi as - paralysisAgencies – correspondent of the newspaper “The Guardian” Martin Chuluuv said that state regulation leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, suffering from paralysis, after suffering an air strike hit his spine.
The paper says that al-Baghdadi is still unable to move, and the two doctors care for and treat him in his hideout in the northern city of Mosul, according to what I learned, “The Guardian”.

The report, that after more than two months from his injury in a raid in northwest Iraq, is no longer the man who proclaimed himself successor able to lead operations. The paper quotes three close state regulation sources confirmed that the injury suffered by al-Baghdadi, means that he probably will not be able leadership of the movement again.

The report points out that Abu Ala Afri, who was appointed Vice-Baghdadi after the killing of his deputy in an air strike last year, replaced al-Baghdadi in the leadership of the organization. The “Guardian” has revealed the injury of al-Baghdadi, 18 March / March, after suffering a raid killed three men who were accompanying him. The raid took place in a place called Baaj, just 80 miles west of Mosul. The report states that the US Defense Department denied the news that talked about the death of al-Baghdadi. While it acknowledged the raid to do, but it is not confirmed the news to know that I talked about that the most important man in the world is required among the victims.

The newspaper reports that sources in Mosul on condition of anonymity, says that a woman specializing in X-Mosul hospital and surgeon ahead therapy Baghdadi. Both from extended families to support the organization. The report cites, for a population of Mosul as saying that “the children of women working in the hospital.”

He added that the doctor and the doctor “dressed as the people of Kandahar, and carrying rifles, and both are members of the Regional Health Council.” He says a source told the newspaper that “man does not know about being a surgeon known, but certainly with them, while his daughter was married Silvia, she give birth to a larger number of children to fight the enemies of Islam.” The report states that a small group of characters in the organization of the state know about Jarrah al-Baghdadi, or where to receive treatment, but few of them visited him.

The newspaper remedied that with the beginning of the talk about al-Baghdadi, the wounds between the second row of the leaders of the organization, the talk frequently about revenge, which could be a fatal blow for the organization of the state, which controls half of Iraq. The report notes that Afri was a professor of physics, and his old relationship with the organization, and was connected to the leader of the organization of the State in Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who was killed in Tikrit in April / May 2010 and took over the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the movement’s leadership after the killing of Abu Omar, and went up Afri in the ranks of the movement since 2013.

The paper quotes an Iraqi expert Hisham al-Hashimi as saying: “There is a strong confidence in Afri”, and described it as “intelligent and good management and successful leader, and in the case of the death of al-Baghdadi, it will lead the organization.” The report noted that exporters who, citing the case of al-Baghdadi, the newspaper “The Guardian”, two of the organization within the State, say that the raid led by the United States against the organization with the participation of Jordanian fighter, has affected the morale of the organization. And concludes, “The Guardian” report with reference to the words of a Ogdhae regulation “They are planning to attack Europe,” he added. “They want revenge for the Baghdadi.”