Parliamentary Finance: banks are smuggling hard currency entitled goods

Parliamentary Finance: banks are smuggling hard currency entitled goods

29/04/2015 09:44 GMT

Parliamentary Finance - banks are smuggling hard currency entitled goodsAgencies – stressed the parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, said the banks are smuggling difficult process entitled merchandise is transferred outside the border amounts to its customers.
Abdul disagreement in a press statement on Wednesday, said that after a review of these amounts show the lack of true and clear delivery in bonds for the delivery of these goods, and thus became there a way to doubt the existence of money laundering through the subject.

He noted that the security committee in the light of that issued a decision determines the ceiling of foreign currency, and should not be disbursed from specific banks, pointing to the existence of a bank or banks are dealing in this regard, noting that there are controls are procuring tax on such goods, with the need for the The goods are delivered within 30 days.

He added that these controls will reduce money laundering on the grounds that the amounts are very large smuggling, did not confirm Abdul Khaliq if there were politicians behind the subject of money laundering or not.

It is said that the parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the sale of the dollar to the private banks operations will be only twice per month, as pointed out that this measure is aimed at the elimination of money-laundering operations.

The committee member said Masood Haider Rustam that the committee hosted the governor and directors of the Central Bank to discuss the issue of money laundering operations and the high price of the dollar, indicating that the bank’s managers confirmed that they take appropriate measures to reduce the phenomenon of money laundering.