Abadi provincial meeting: Do not retreat from the transfer of powers and the massacre of blather fabricated

Abadi provincial meeting: Do not retreat from the transfer of powers and the massacre of blather fabricated [Expanded]

27/04/2015 one forty-four p.m.

Abadi provincial meeting - Do not retreat from the transfer of powers and the massacre of blather fabricated[Baghdad-where]
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said he had not retreated from the transfer of powers to local governments in the provinces, “returned” the events of blather as “fabricated a massacre.”
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the Abadi “presided in the province of Karbala on Monday, the sixth meeting of the second session of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the governorates not organized province in the presence of Minister of State for Cun provincial governors and heads of provincial councils, agents and ministries of agriculture, youth and municipalities, health and education Planning and Finance and Construction and Housing, Labour and Social Affairs. ”
Ebadi said, according to the statement that “the transfer of powers to the provinces to retract it, and the solution to some of the problems suffered by the state is a trend towards decentralization and applied correctly and in stages so applied properly in the provinces,” stressing that “the The transfer of powers and decentralization is part of the government program and no return on their application. ”
He called on the prime minister to “facilitate procedures and not to put obstacles in the instructions and laws,” stressing “the need to be supervised by the Conservatives to provide services to citizens.”
He also stressed that “the fundamental provinces work in State-building and its success is based upon can not be a government program application and provision of services and increase investment opportunities without the provinces. ”
He added Abadi “We support the agricultural and industrial sector and we are working to build a diversified economy of resources and although we face a financial crisis, but in front of Iraq’s bright future.”
He added, “We support the private sector and we are working on that there will be a partnership between him and the public sector so as to provide new jobs and increases investment opportunities, “stressing that” the distribution of wealth equitably as to ensure the renaissance of the provinces and develop economically and socially, and it is not acceptable that life stops in the joints that are associated the lives of citizens. ”
The prime minister warned of “sectarian and regional sedition that some are trying to raise it from time to time,” stressing that “any call of this kind will lead to bloodshed and unity in our cooperation and our strength in Taddna.”
He stressed Abadi that “Daash ended in the displacement and killing Sunnis after claiming she came to defend them and that the only approach is murder and it is now hardly find her supported in the occupied territories and perhaps there with them only from involvement with the blood of Iraqis that, we call on all those who have not stained his hands with blood to return to the national ranks . ”
and said that “there is psychological war against Iraq, especially during the past few days, which promoted the images fabricated back to previous periods as martyrs in rhyming blather was the story of the slaughter of 140 Iraqi fighters fabricated story entirely.”
The Abadi said that the “exaggeration of the media in which no interest Iraq and with regret that some people want to earn money on the blood of the martyrs and trading Bbtolathm which came in response to the call and reference home “.anthy