Finance: We are working to detect the smuggling of 200 billion dinars out of the country

Parliamentary Finance: We are working to detect the smuggling of 200 billion dinars out of the country

26/04/2015 (00:01 pm)

Central Bank of Iraq- Iraqi dinarBAGHDAD / Noor Ali

Confirmed in the parliamentary finance committee member, on Saturday, that work is underway in the House of Representatives to detect more than 200 billion Iraqi dinars to smuggle out of the country in the past few years, and while he noted that the financial, economic and legal committees in addition to the Presidency working on a mechanism to learn the process of how the money smuggling and detect bodies Shortened, called on the government to invest grants from international organizations in sustainable development projects in support of the Iraqi economy.

He said the Finance Committee member Hossam punitive, in an interview for the “long” that “grants that offer from the International Monetary Fund can invest in economic development and sustainable projects,” noting that “the money to invest properly comes financial Bmrdodat the benefit of the Iraqi people in general.”
He punitive saying that “the move away from the exchange is futile help in the development of the economy,” and urged to “activate investment and the private sector to revitalize the Iraqi market and the creation of infrastructure projects and activate the role of government and private banks for the purpose of supporting small and medium enterprises in the country.”
He stressed the punitive “The work is underway In the House of Representatives, through the relevant committees (financial, economic, legal, and the Presidency) to detect the process of smuggling 200 billion Iraqi dinars out of the country during the past years, “pointing out that” Parliament is working on a mechanism to see how the money was smuggled out of Iraq, and what reasons that led to it, revealing the bodies shortened. ”
He also added that “Article 50 of the Budget Law, which states determine the sales ceiling of foreign currency at the central bank auction and set at $ 75 million a day is one of the reasons the money smuggled out of the country.”
The member of the Finance Committee that “the crisis through which Iraq currently, lies the adoption of the country on the rentier economy through oil and export it to extract”, calling for “investment associated with natural resources to extract crude oil such as associated gas, which burns without benefit from it.”
He said punitive to “Iraq has a lot of natural resources such as sulfur and phosphate untapped did not take advantage of them,” he said, adding that “the state did not work in the previous period to bridge the Iraqi consumer needs of the petrochemical industries, the government relies on the import of foreign in a lot of material that can be locally made. ”
He continued by saying, “In the event was invested manufacturing and associated gas and natural gas fields, it will provide at least 40,000 of the workforce and contribute to the eradication of the problem of unemployment.”
He called to “activate the agricultural and industrial sectors as well as the activation of the tariff law customs and increased duties on agricultural products imported from outside the country, and the granting of the necessary Iraqi farms and provide fertilizers and chemical supplies agriculture facilities, as well as providing banking facilities to encourage Iraqi farmers instead of importing, which will contribute to the recovery of the Iraqi market. ”
He noted that “the Iraqi government is serious in activating the investment sector, and call upon them to work more in order to get out of the crisis faced by the country in the current period. ”
parliamentary finance committee and announced (April 6 this month) for the formation of a pentagonal committee to follow up the money laundering and smuggling of dollars out of the country operations.
A member of the Finance Committee Parliamentary pros Hamadoun in an interview for the “long” that “the Iraqi currency suffer from low against the dollar, which led to the need to form a committee to follow up the money laundering and smuggling of foreign currency operations committee was formed to follow up on this matter and verify it,” indicating that “the Commission will be includes members of the Economic Commission, Ministry of Finance, in addition to the General Authority for Customs and taxes. ”
She said Hamadoun saying that “the Commission will follow up the work of the Central Bank and the amounts of money that will be sold, in addition to the follow-up work of the government and private banks, which sells large numbers of the dollar,” pointing out “The members of the committee are determined to work very seriously to pursue violations and corruption, which gets a result of money laundering and smuggling of currency abroad,” predicting that “stop currency manipulation will contribute significantly to the decline in the dollar rate against the dinar.”