The bodies of children from Syria chlorine victims beyond Obama lines .. and crying eyes of the world

The bodies of children from Syria chlorine victims beyond Obama lines .. and crying eyes of the world

Posted 22/04/2015 05:45 PM

The bodies of children from Syria chlorine victims beyond Obama lines and crying eyes of the worldThere is no place for them in this hospital. Kids Metrakmon over the corpse of their grandmother. Sarah, aged three years, still breathing.

Dr. Mohammed Tnara said: “We tried to do everything when the family moved here, Kalanash and oxygen masks ventilator but all procedures failed .. The worst thing is knowing that there will be more attacks like this.”

His eyes and lungs burning while trying to revive the little girl and others. Dr. testified last week before the Security Council at the United Nations, and will also be in front of US officials this week, to give them evidence of the use of the system of government to chlorine, to hit the armed forces, but that they are so affected civilians.

Although these images, but the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, ignoring the video, saying that he was “fake stories by Western governments.”

“I did not use it, you do need to use it, we have our weapons usual, and we can reach our goal without using it, so do not use it, no, there is no evidence.”

It has been almost three years since that put President Barack Obama’s “plan of the Red.”

President Barack Obama said: “We have been very clear with the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, and all parties on the ground that the infringement of the red line for us is when we see the full range of moving chemical weapons are used in several areas.”

Dr. Zaher Sahloul User Syrian American Medical Association said

“I told them in Srmin, in Syria, President Obama has said that the use of chemical weapons beyond the” red line “. But a lot of them laughed. ”

Dr. Sahloul, who carried out the campaigns around the world to support the no-fly zone in Syria and the creation of humanitarian corridors safe, Dr. Tnara for shared including testified.

“It still happens, it happened last year and it is happening now and will continue to happen in the future, unless you got something else, is expressing concern and crying over the dead children Bsrmin. To prevent this, we should expect to get what is more than just tears. ”

Since Obama’s statement became Syria claims that it destroyed its stockpile that contains sarin gas and chemical weapons banned.

He said a Syrian doctors that chlorine compound itself is not prohibited, unless pumping in drums, and used the plane for delivering on the population, as happened in Srmin. ”

“Usually the world celebrated for not hearing the voices of explosives, but now see a chlorine compound, and see your children suffocate”

Hours after the testimony of the two doctors testified before the United Nations, there were reports of another attack with chlorine gas in the same area.

“In Syria, there is no safe place.”

This is a recognition that the horror images in this video will be repeated.

Source: cnn