Council propose to the government of Iraq’s accession to the Asian Bank for Investment

National Business Council propose to the government of Iraq’s accession to the Asian Bank for Investment

04/21/2015 12:01

Council propose to the government of Iraq's accession to the Asian Bank for InvestmentTomorrow Press / Baghdad: Iraqi National Business Council suggested, on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers Iraq’s accession to the “Asian Investment Bank.” The head of the National Business Council of Iraq, Karim Mohammed al-Shammari, in a press statement received by “tomorrow Press” that “Iraq’s accession to the Bank Asian investment is a major step towards the development has joined many countries, including Britain, Germany and France in addition to Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, as well as Iran, which looked upon as founders and made ​​Egypt a request to join. ” He stressed that “the Iraqi National Business Council, which includes the elite Iraqi businessmen from various terms of reference of the private sector and out of concern for the reconstruction of Iraq and prosperity submit a proposal to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi join this bank, which is largely in solving the problems of Iraq and the many that was established for which this project. ” The Al-Shammari said that “Asian Investment Bank as possible to help Iraq In support to bridge the significant shortage in various infrastructure services, as well as electricity, energy, environment, and others. ” It should be noted that the Asian Investment Bank actually began work in 2014, and has authorized capital of the bank’s $ 100 billion, and the initial capital of $ 50 billion, and the Headquarters Bank in Pkin.oandmt to the founding of the bank agreement 27 countries, including 20 countries from Asia and the Pacific Alhadi.oiatkd large number of experts that the bank, which is China created a potential competitor to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are dominated by US Altdh.kma expressed a leading European countries through the past two weeks about the intention to join the bank that China is promoting him, including Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In the same vein, Brazil announced a few weeks ago that it had accepted China’s invitation to join as a founding member to the Asian Bank for investment in infrastructure.