Regain control of the Baiji refinery fully

Regain control of the Baiji refinery fully

Posted 19/04/2015 06:31 PM

Regain control of the Baiji refinery fullyIraqi forces regained control of the entire Baiji oil refinery, the country’s largest refineries, which was organizing “Daash” enjoyed parts of it this week, according to the international coalition led by Washington, said Sunday.

The organization, which controls large areas in Iraq since June, laid siege to the refinery since then repeatedly tried to control it, that the security forces have succeeded in lifting the siege in November.

She said the joint leadership of the alliance said in a statement that “the Iraqi security forces took control of the entire Baiji refinery after it succeeded in clearing the massive facility of the remaining Daash fighters (the name that is known by the organization).”
Airline Alliance 47 and carried out an air raid in Baiji and around the past nine days, while the Iraqi government paid for security enhancements, according to the statement.

The officials and security sources reported Wednesday that Iraqi extremist organization was able to control parts of the refinery, after the attacks which used suicide bombings, what enabled him to penetrate the fortifications surrounding the refinery extended over a wide area.

The refinery in the former produces about 300 thousand barrels of petroleum products per day, it meets nearly half of the country’s need.

Located refinery 200 kilometers north of Baghdad, near the city of Baiji, dominated by the organization in the June attack, before the security forces to regain control in November, with the support of the coalition, which began since August implementation of air strikes against the organization, but the extremists came back later to attack the city and regained some of their regions, and continues to spin in and around battles between the two sides.