Iraqi interpreter: Americans have not found Saddam in a hole and changed

Iraqi interpreter: Americans have not found Saddam in a hole and changed prepared him under the influence of the drug

Follow-Iraq Press -13 April 2015

Iraqi interpreter - Americans have not found Saddam in a hole and changed prepared him under the influence of the drugStill secrets fall of Baghdad, and the subsequent bloody events, coming in, 12 years after the American occupation of Iraq.
Some of these secrets revealed by the Iraqi translator Firas Ahmad (41 years), who returned to his country after five years of his departure to Washington, he received during a US citizen, according to project the US Congress passed in 2007 and approved a program to grant permanent residency and citizenship for Iraqis who worked with Army in Iraq.
Were not the return of Ahmed to his home in Baghdad easy, as expected, it was found that his father’s house had turned the seat of one of the armed militias funded by an Iranian, after leaving his brothers to him because of the status of militias name Ahmed wanted list on charges of labor, conspiracy, what forced him to sleep at the home of an aunt him for several days, before deciding to leave Iraq is irreversible this time.

Ahmed reveals some of the mysteries of the night of the capture of Saddam Hussein, which was carried out by a private Marines “Marines” force brought in from a military base for difficult tasks in the state of Virginia for the arrest of five of the fifty-wanted Iraqi leaders at the time, according to Ahmed confirms.

Ahmed says, “two days of Saddam Hussein’s arrest took place after a party at Rehab Palace American leaders. I was present for the purpose of translation, as they were waiting for Iraqi politicians, and learned that the man was not in the hole, and that the novel announced by the United States was false, and that Saddam was inside the crypt fortified underground, built above a modest country house taken based and place of the meeting, a number of assistants has been inferred place because of personal betrayal facilities, who was arrested and told the Americans about his whereabouts. “
Ahmed points out that “the basement or room where Saddam Hussein was arrested containing two pieces of small arms and beds and a Koran and a prayer rug and some dried foods and a pack of tobacco. And did not get resistance from him, as I apply on where dozens of soldiers and began beating the door with their feet, then opened the door and they threw Saddam directly narcotic bombs in place rendered the man unconscious. “
And Iraqi interpreter confirms that an officer with the rank of captain in the US Army told him that “the aim of the novel the hole and take a picture of him with the hole they found near the house used for the development of domestic water pump, as the Iraqis used in cities that rise from the Tigris River, was to discredit the man’s prestige and stature.”

He adds that “American soldiers acted in the board (Saddam) while he was sedated with gas, and when they are convinced that they wanted Balheioh took pictures and sent them directly to Washington.”
US special forces managed to former President Saddam Hussein’s capture on 13 December 2003 during an operation launched by the Red Dawn, west of the city’s role in Salahuddin province.

And tells the compiler Firas Ahmad’s “new Arab”, his experience that reveal a lot of secrets, before leaving Baghdad to Arbil to return to where he came to Washington.
He says, “Unfortunately, I now go back to who destroyed my country (the United States), but it does the trick I have. Iraq is no longer a good place to live. All kills all, and civilians are the weak link. ” He adds, “After all those years, Iraqis still use the infrastructure existed before the occupation, and are entitled to wonder where hundreds of billions that were in the treasury Iraq? Where is the oil money? Where are the funds of donor countries? “

He points out that “he met in the states of Washington and Michigan with a number of actors, American commanders in Iraq, who have worked with them before, and told him in private that the majority of the interviewed regret the occupation of Iraq, and they feel error on the destruction of the country, carrying the responsibility for the current President Barack Obama more than his predecessor sessions George Bush Jr., the owner of the occupation’s decision, because it withdrew from the fit without mistakes. “

And about his work with the American forces within the US 101st Airborne Division in central Iraq, between 2003 and 2009, Ahmed says, “where a lot of things that can be Iraqis proud of them, and things shamefully took place with the current political figures sells the Patriots and principles of the people, while she was in the rough sells the nation and its people to the Americans. “

He adds: “Some Islamist politicians were courting Americans to build churches proposals or memorials to soldiers killed in Iraq at the hands of the insurgents, and others demanded that the occupation using excessive force against cities such as Fallujah resistance in a timely manner, without worrying about the civilians. I translate some of those meetings directly between them, and usually it was the Americans generals directing insults to Iraqi politicians and officials, but I was not able to translate it literally. “

And reveals one of the most special translator sessions that brought together American general Bastakbarat Army, and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the Green Zone in early 2010, following the arrests carried out by al-Maliki campaign and touched hundreds of Iraqis and Americans, according to Ahmed, objecting to al-Maliki’s policy, as The general said the owners of the “Year Sinfgron someday and you you encourage extremism and hatred, and we do not have ready to be part of a new civil war breaks out in Iraq.”

And about the mysteries of the fall of Baghdad, Ahmed says, “I do not have a lot, but reached that treason played its role, and Americans are lucky or that destiny wanted it to Iraq.”

Confirms Ahmed, who think writing a book about his observations and experience the previous current name Firas Ahmad, a name chosen for himself through his work with the Americans for security purposes, that “the majority of those who helped the Americans or facilitated their mission in Iraq over the past years, attained US citizenship, but they nevertheless suffer isolation and reprimand conscience, they see everyday Blood Falls in their country and the failure of what had bet him, “pointing out that the three Iraqis have committed suicide in the US states sporadic” and I went back to Baghdad, only to find my comfort, but I decided to return, Vabaar has fallen does not help him a massage. ” ended (1)