Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-7-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-7-15

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions4-7-2015 Newshound Guru Breitling Guru Roger interviews Breitling: [Tell me what’s going on with the 50 dinar notes.] It’s part of their policy to reduce the note count. This is something we’ve been watching for a long time. The most amount of notes they had was about 9 billion notes that represented 30 Trillion Dinar…1 note has 25,000 thousand dinar in it…a 25K note. They are reducing the note count…the wealth that’s represented by that note get’s crunched up into small and smaller amount of notes…that’s where the wealth is always going to come from. It always works like this…Right now the US is adding currency to it’s economy so the value of the dollar is going down. With Iraq you have to believe they are going to reduce the note count…They decided to get rid of the 50 dinar note and this reduces the note count.

4-7-2015 Newshound Guru Breitling Guru Roger interviews Breitling: [People would think, Oh no, the 50 is going away. that must mean for sure that they are not revaluing the currency or the currency is not going to go up anytime soon…what is your response to that?] If they were going to take your and my dinar and they were just going to put a new currency out there then they would have done it in one shot. There’s no reason to keep certain notes on the market…They got rid of the old Saddam Currency all in one shot…it was all done in six months. They [Iraq] are talking a 2 or 3 year process and they are going to remove one note at a time as the value is added to the currency. they told everyone what they were going to do…

4-7-2015 Newshound Guru Breitling Guru Roger interviews Breitling cont. : …They are going to reduce the note count by 70% and they are going to retire the notes at different stages. This is proof [removing the 50 dinar note] that they are not going to remove all notes at once and is proof that they are reducing the note count…they used it as a strategy to reduce the note count. So they’re reducing the note count and reducing the US dollar count in the Iraq market.

4-7-2015 Intel Guru Frank26 Abadi is being pressured…a good type of pressure…and that is a wonderful thing. Abadi and Ali (GOICBI)…are still meeting and talking about how to increase the value of the IQD. Everyone in Iraq knows that they’re meeting and everyone knows what’s happening in Iraq. [Guru] Delta’s brother-in-law called…EXCITED…and said…“Delta on TV they are showing some important information that you might want to know about. There is a reporter who went to the CBI and asks “WHEN” is all of this going to happen?” The answer came from the CBI directly to the reporter that they are working on it and in a couple of weeks our goal is to get the IQD equal one-to-one with the USD. “THERE IS AN EXPECTATION WITHIN THE NEXT 2 WEEKS TO BE ONE-TO-ONE ON PAR WITH THE USD.” Is this “insider information?” No. Currently the IQD is not “International” – there is no “insider information” – because this is a speculative investment. If the IQD was on the ISX as International – then yes…then there might be a problem.

4-7-2015 Intel Guru Frank26 Abadi is under extreme pressure because he is in charge of the 2015 budget which controls everything. The patience on behalf of the citizens is growing very thin. They are waiting for the new value of their currency. …if you look back at the histories of countries currency revaluations…they almost occur in the middle of the month. Always. This whole process must be done correctly. Controlled correctly. All nations are EXPECTING for the value to change. We believe that this past Saturday and Sunday …many laws were voted on. We believe that these had to do with the monetary reform. These laws could be the last ones that are needed. We believe an article may surface soon about that. …they got the green light on March the 3rd and now it’s a glowing green light.

4-7-2015 Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 “Kirkuk’s Deputy Governor, said Rakan Saeed Al-Juburi, Monday…said in an interview for alsumaria news, “the Commerce Ministry has converted $ 40 billion dinars to banks of Kirkuk”, pointing out that the amount “is the financial benefits of conservative farmers who have marketed crops wheat, barley silo Kirkuk.” …Access to $$$ will be Tuesday…and waiting to see what denoms are used to pay at the window…more so keeping an eye out to see if any of the “new” 25k” notes hit the streets.

4-7-2015 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG “…the Council of Ministers took an important decision to speed up the granting of visas to investors to no more than 72 hours, …” …very curious set of events. the big headlines in the ME were – the “fast tracking” of investor Visas… Uh – might I ask – just who are these mystery investors needing immediate access – and why do they need such access…and two – the Kurds are apparently getting /or have gotten paid 455 million in USD. where did they get that money…or are getting that money?

4-6-2015 Newshound Guru Arthur There is absolute ZERO credibility to any unfounded claims that the HCL has been fully implemented. Just in the past 48 hours we see an article stating: “Deputy for the National Adoption of the oil and gas will set the oil policy in the country”…… also stating “must be to speed up the enactment of the oil and gas law”, and that “the next HOR sessions will see the inclusion of oil and gas law (HCL) on the agenda for the purpose of reading and discussion by the political blocs.” It also stated that there is “a wide interest by the parliamentary blocs to complete the enactment of this law.” I can confirm by my contacts that this is now being taken very seriously as all concerned are fully aware that nothing can move substantially forward until this is done and that it is in process to be fully implemented in short order. I can also assure you that the security situation is going according to internal and external planning and, although a very important component to the overall reform package, at this juncture it is not a major impediment to the MR that is currently in process therefore it is certainly no coincidence that the Gov. of the CBI Alaq is accompanying PM Abadi during the historic visit to the Kurdistan region prompting contractors and other Iraqi contacts to now be on high alert for upcoming payments in revalued IQD.


4-6-2015 KING of RUMORS Guru Everybody, all around the world, was expecting this to go on Sunday. There are bank personnel at work right now, trying to figure out when this didn’t happen. Iraqi television is still saying that stage four will come to an end in the next few days. People we are talking to in Baghdad still have not received their money, but they have relatives in other parts of the country who have received theirs. Baghdad will be last to receive, and then it will be announced. I did get another window of time from Iraq. They are highly upset about this weekend because most thought this was going. Everyone is just waiting. The actual RV has already been done for some weeks; we are just waiting for an announcement.

4-6-2015 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat This week we had the best confirmation ever by Kurdistan and the oil ministry of the full and now undisputed evidence of the implementation of the hydrogen carbon law (HCL). There were many articles on this subject. …I believe it is only a confirmation and this issue has been settled for some time already. Article quote: “Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Thursday, that the Iraqi government had sent $ 455 million to the province of Kurdistan.” We can now see the proof for ourselves in this article as yet another payment is being made to the Kurdistan region in the sum of $455 million this month. It is becoming now routine…they are making payments on the 17% as agreed! This is wonderful and exciting news.