Ministers leaving Lausanne after faltering nuclear negotiations

Ministers leaving Lausanne after faltering nuclear negotiations

04/01/2015 11:58 GMT

Ministers leaving Lausanne after faltering nuclear negotiationsAgencies – left external Russia, France and China, the city of Lausanne and the Swiss Za, where he is scheduled to resume Wednesday talks between the Group 5 +1 and Iran over Tehran’s nuclear file, at a time when German diplomat said a stalled talks -alta entered its VII when several important issues.
And suspended negotiations between the foreign ministers of the six countries (the United States, China, France, Russia, Britain and Germany) and Iran far 1:00 Wednesday (23:00 GMT Tuesday) amid a total mystery.

At the time, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Lausanne left without making any statement, Russia and Iran spoke of progress, while the United Nations has declared that he is not a settlement of all issues.

For his part, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, on Wednesday, the existence of “general framework” to settle in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear file, but it is still much work to be done.

In turn, called on China, on Wednesday, the six major powers and Iran to “bring their positions to reach an agreement” about Iran’s nuclear program, hours after the suspension of negotiations amid a complete mystery, according to a statement issued by the Chinese delegation in Lausanne Wednesday.

The aim of the agreement is to ascertain whether Iran is not seeking to acquire the atomic bomb, in exchange for the lifting of international sanctions strangling its economy. However, the negotiations stumble months ago at key points, at the top of duration of the agreement and the issue of lifting the sanctions.