McCain sees the developments of the situation in Yemen, a new failure for Obama

McCain sees the developments of the situation in Yemen, a new failure for Obama

Fri, March 27 / March 2015 09:57

McCain sees the developments of the situation in Yemen a new failure for Obama[Follow-where]

John McCain and the Republicans Snatoran others considered that the military operation launched by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia against the Houthis in Yemen without coordination with the United States show that these countries no longer trust President Barack Obama.

Republican Sen. force during a press conference in Washington that the operation “Storm packages” are evidence that “the countries of the region no longer trust the United States or no longer want to work with them.”

McCain and his colleagues with Lindsey Graham and Kelly Eot that the current situation in the Middle East is the result of negative foreign policy pursued by President Barack Obama’s administration.

Graham said that “the vacuum created by the absence of American leadership in the Middle East caused a disaster that could lead to a conflict would be the bloodiest between Sunnis and Shiites a thousand years ago.”

Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of US forces in the Middle East and passed in front of the US Senate that the Saudis did not tell him, but the military operation “shortly before their move to implementation” on the same day.

Saudi Arabia began mid-Wednesday night, a large-scale operation against the rebels in Yemen under the name of [storm packets] with the participation of Arab countries, which led to significant damage military capabilities for the Houthis in Yemen.

The operation was quickly got on broad international support, especially from the United States and the Arab League Secretary General stressed that Nabil Elaraby of Sharm el-Sheikh, where the complexity of the Arab summit Saturday, “full support” of the military operation said it was “against specific targets for the group Houthis .anthy