Human Rights: we will discover more mass graves after the expulsion Daash

Human Rights: we will discover more mass graves after the expulsion Daash

Tue, March 24 / March 2015 05:17

Human Rights - we will discover more mass graves after the expulsion Daash[Baghdad-where]

The Ministry of Human Rights is expected reveal more of the mass graves after the liberation of areas of Daash terrorist gangs.

A spokesman for the ministry full-Amin told all of Iraq [where] that “victories successive security forces and popular crowd and the militant tribes make a difference on the ground, and thus after handling this earth revealed to have a lot of mass graves carried out by Daash criminal gangs and we expect more liberated other areas, we will discover More cemeteries and more than estimates. “

“The Ministry of Human Rights and as a result gained experience for many years in the open mass graves, and put all the technical potential under the command of the operations that have been formed in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in this particular room, including that this file is a file that terrorism and crimes legally, embarked on our staff open These graves. ”

The Secretary to the “popular crowd discovered the site of mass graves was in Albu-Ajeel [area north of Tikrit, after editing, and also in terms of science [east of Tikrit] was opened three locations after the transfer of competent teams out there were open and raise the 13 bodies were in a state of decomposition, in a professional and thoughtful, in order to preserve the remains and facilitate the identification of the victim’s identity and at the same time to raise in an integrated manner, which will help the forensic medicine to take DNA samples from the process of [DNA]. ”

He pointed out that “since these graves are crime scene, process of conquest and documentation are in the stages of making judicial, investigative and forensics to collect information on the victim helps example, knowing inlet rounds bullet body of the victim and the place of exit and the diameter size and this helps forensic evidence to know chucking distance Even someone who does not question the future in the deaths of the victims say they were killed as a result of the exchange of fire or fight. ”

He said a spokesman for the Ministry of Human Rights, said “the documentation process to open the mass graves are photography and signaling case number and the body and the goal which is important because the documentation process in the process of opening of the graves in a professional manner considered evidence documentary and compelling offer to the international community, especially since there is a move in this direction As these crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. ”

The Secretary said that “other cemetery that was discovered in the process of liberalization was in the vicinity of Bashir area in the province of Kirkuk respects was open and found the 27 bodies were taken all legal proceedings in which there was a funeral and was buried in the tombs and graves of easy to identify the fact that the people in the region have Exact details of the people who were killed by Daash. ”

“The third tomb that was discovered was in the district of role [southeast of Tikrit and also teams moved quickly there was open cemetery and raise them three bodies were dressed in civilian clothes and estimated building them young age has been filed and delivered to the forensic medicine.”

He appealed to the spokesman of the Ministry of Human Rights, “all the families that have been missing in these areas, including those with the victims of crime Spyker who are not taking DNA samples [DNA] from donors relatives and would prefer to be the father or the mother or the children and then the brothers need to go to the forensic medicine to provide the samples and this also with respect to the people in terms of science, because they have a lot of missing persons in order to facilitate the task of identifying the identities of the victims, “.anthy 2