Daash transforms the city of Tikrit, bomb and stop the progress of the Iraqi forces

Daash transforms the city of Tikrit, bomb and stop the progress of the Iraqi forces

Posted 17/03/2015 02:21 PM

Daash transforms the city of Tikrit bomb and stop the progress of the Iraqi forcesDeliberately organizing “Daash” extreme, to booby-trapping “everything” in the city of Tikrit (Salahuddin) province, which led to the obstruction of the military operation launched by the Iraqi forces two weeks ago to be restored, according to Agence France-Presse spokesman said Tuesday.

Altalabawi said Jawad, a spokesman for “League of the Righteous,” a Shiite faction fighting alongside the security forces, “planted the explosive in all the streets and buildings, bridges … (booby-trapped) everything.” He added, “Our troops stopped because of these defensive measures,” following up “We need trained forces in urban warfare.”

And took refuge in the organization in the face of the advancing forces, a weapon sniping and suicide attacks, as well as improvised explosive devices planted in the house and on the sides of roads. As Iraqi forces rely on the human element of the dismantling of these devices, in the absence of Altghazeeat mechanism or minesweepers.

Altalabawi stressed that “the battle of the restoration of Tikrit would be difficult because of the preparations made by Daash”, which controls large swathes of the country since June.

While pointed out that the extremists are trapped in the neighborhoods of the city (160 km) north of Baghdad, acknowledged that “a person besieged fighting fiercely.”

And began the process of restoration of Tikrit, Salahuddin province, on 2 March, with the participation of about 30 thousand element of the army, police and Shiite factions and the sons of some Sunni tribes.

Iraqi forces have managed to restore surrounding areas in Tikrit, and stormed the middle of last week Qadisiyah neighborhood in the northern part of them, without being able to fully restore it. The fighting has subsided in recent days, with the continuation of the shelling and the intervention of the Iraqi Air Force.

Announced Iraqi Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Ghaban on Monday, “stop” process, to reduce the loss of Iraqi forces in the face of IEDs and sniper operations, without setting means that would allow the resumption of offensive operations.

While Ghaban oversees the police force, it was not clear position and other military leaders involved in the process.

The commander of Salahuddin Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi, told Agence France-Presse first of Sunday, that the participation of the international coalition in Tikrit process “necessary”, he asked, “Since the beginning of the process” through the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, to provide air assigning coalition, But that “is not”.

-Led coalition and Washington did not participate, and performs air strikes against the organization in Syria and Iraq, in Tikrit process, as opposed to a senior Iranian role.