This is the fastest car in the world

This is the fastest car in the world

March 8, 2015, 12:01

This is the fastest car in the worldFollow-up – ((eighth day))

Working group of British engineers to build the fastest car in the world, is expected to shatter the world record in speed, exceeding the speed of a bullet flying of a firearm.

Engineers and aspires to break the current record, which is still holding since 1997 for the fastest car in the world, and the Registrar on behalf of the car “Therast Super Sonic” which speeds reached 763 mph (1228 kph), according to the newspaper Daily Mail newspaper reported.

The company supports the “Euro Vaigtr” project to build the fastest car in the world “Blood Hound”, conducts design and construction work in the design center in the city of Bristol.

Government support
and despite the fact that the project is under the supervision of private firms, but it is widely supported by the British government, it is used as a resource of education to encourage more students to pursue science and technology-related courses.

The project consists of a team of the best engineering talent in the world, led by project director Richard Noble, and when the project is completed, the car will be able to start from sleep to the speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour in just 55 seconds.

And pilot car at once
and cut off the car 150 meters blink of an eye, and will be able to cover a distance equivalent to four and a half times the length of the football stadium during just one second.

It will be “Blood Hound” a mix between the car and the plane, with the front half is made of carbon fiber similar to race cars, the rear half frame and metal plates as is the case in Taúrat.a -1