Exercise regularly sex couples save humanity!

Exercise regularly sex couples save humanity!

Follow-Iraq Press -27 February 2015

Exercise regularly sex couples save humanityScientists have discovered that sexual relations regular periodic help prevent changes to the genome level.
According to information from the University of Montreal, Canadian scientists, is through sexual intercourse exchange genetic material process, and mixing these materials prevents the development of many diseases. Scientists say, in this way can eliminate the diseases afflicting mankind, not only in certain families.

Researchers and adds, “The changes that are related to genetic diseases found in certain places in the genome accumulate in these positions serious changes until re-installed. Before re-installation process is finished, the accumulation of these changes continue, more and more. ”

Based on this information, the sexual relationship lead to the expulsion of the regular changes of the genetic code. In other words, regular intercourse leads to clean up the genetic code of this Alngarat.anthy (1)