Iran employs Iraqi militias for their own benefit and provide sophisticated missiles

Iran employs Iraqi militias for their own benefit and provide sophisticated missiles

Posted 27/02/2015 09:30 AM

Iran employs Iraqi militias for their own benefit and provide sophisticated missilesA source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s “new Arab”, that “Iran provided the militias fighting in Iraq developed missiles.” Did not rule out the use of “these missiles to target US aircraft,” on the grounds that Iran is using this as a bargaining militias against the Americans.

The same source said, who preferred not to be named, said Iran supplied militias also missiles of the type “Strela” upgraded “to carry out acts of violence in some parts of Iraq,” adding that “the missiles arrived in Baghdad, and received by the militia” Khorasani “Brigades” Hezbollah “Iraq, which already trained to use them.”

The source did not disclose the number of those rockets, but they are among the “able to target all types of helicopters with high accuracy and in all circumstances.” He stressed that “the militias published Collectors missiles in the areas of flame and Mahmudiya in Baghdad, and Samarra in Salah al-Din.”

In this context, he saw a security expert and confident Obeidi, for “new Arab”, that Iran’s support for these militias, “is not due for sectarian reasons only, but because the presence of these militias and the strength neutralize puts Haider Abadi and his government in front of the danger, and makes staying in office subject to the will of those militias led by Iran, “noting that” it makes Abadi committed altogether Iranian orders and neutralizes it. ”

He said security expert that “it is clear through juicy Abadi party all the actions of the militias and their movements and transfer of heavy weapons, even in the capital, Baghdad.” He pointed out that “Iran is seeking to extend the momentum of the deteriorating security situation in Iraq,” and that it “is not in their interest to end the organization” Daash “and acts of violence,” explaining at the same time that “the deteriorating security situation in Iraq makes it easier to transfer Iranian arms and militias to Syria “.

Any official government position has not yet released to the entry of such missiles. The “Party of God” Iraq Brigades middle of this month announced it after receiving a request, from the people of the flame (the area west of Baghdad), send battery private rocket to answer any sources of fire aimed at innocent citizens in the city of the torch and nearby areas decided, asserting that meet Call the people of the torch and move the battery came from legitimate mandate to preserve the lives of citizens and defend them. so called