Penetrate site “Daash” tells the serious facts about burning videos and slaughter

Penetrate site “Daash” tells the serious facts about burning videos and slaughter

Follow-Iraq Press -25 February 2015

Penetrative site Daash tells the serious facts about burning videos and slaughterDetection Egyptian programmer, Ahmed Samara, on Wednesday, how portrays the terrorist organization Videos burning and slaughtering his victims, and where it hides the regulation of these videos, and works to remove them and photographed, and what are the other videos in the possession of the organization did not disclose the curtain After her.

He says Samara in an interview with “Arab” vassal / Iraq Press /: “the beginning of permeation of the site Daash was almost a month ago when I discovered that a large number of journalists and media workers put out news organization and its data in their newspapers and their sites and Vdaúyatem through this site, and as a result of my previous experience in penetrating sites extremist jihadist organizations, including the organization of “supporters of Jerusalem” and “Brotherhood” sites and hosts of Egypt “and others, I took the decision to penetrate Daash site, and you enter on your server site and breached without leave my name, but I was writing below the word anonymous.”

He adds: “When the broadcast terrorist organization video burning Jordanian pilot forbid Kasasbeh There was blood in my veins, and I took the decision this time broke the organization site, and announce my name, I am not the least of officers and soldiers who fell dead in the war on terrorism, and when I entered the staging server, and it was specifically on February 3rd browse all files within the site until I reached for the file you hide the videos penalty, murder, arson and slaughter, and I am appalled by what I saw and I saw. ”
He continued: “I watched the video burning Jordanian pilot complete, has filmed took a long them time, and they were re-scenes most of the time until he graduated better, and it was the task of photography, as I watched, directors foreigners who speak English fluently, and was director of US citizenship, and I knew from the way he talks, while others from other foreign nationalities, and the scene filming burn forbid been more than once, and was the director get excited for them, and ask them to return again and again until he came scene burning, and was already a real and not a “Photoshop”, and found Kasasbeh solid steadfast not Ihabhm not afraid of fire that burned, “he said, adding that he saw other videos to burn the Japanese did not broadcast regulation yet, as I watched videos of the slaughter of hostages of other nationalities have not yet Abutoha.

For video massacre Egyptians in Libya Samara says: “I watched the video before airing the entire week, and unfortunately I did not know that they are Egyptians, and increased my belief that they are not Egyptians not to my knowledge the existence of Egyptians kidnapped by a terrorist organization, in addition to the person-Asmar, who was present with them in video, by the way, Bengali, and I knew that from the video and not Africa, and the slaughter has been before the video broadcast for many days, because the video was clear that he was prepared before broadcasting the entire month, and I heard the screams of the martyrs who are being slaughtered at the hands of these murderers, “pointing out that the directors video and its authors who are also foreigners used in the filming of this video 5 cameras, including the top and 4 cameras camera on the ground, as well as sound effects and soundtrack, and they are using sound effects in a measured way, where are slow at times, and accelerated at other times when the killings, which raises terror, which is being implemented in international films.
He went on: “When I broke the site for the second time on February 9 and before broadcast video Egyptians, you raise the image of the logo of the Egyptian army on the site, and incorporated under the logo image of the scene funeral of Egyptian soldiers, and wrote underneath announce to all the grief and sorrow of the people of Jordan’s brother, and the people of Egypt in accident Jordanian pilot killed Kasasbeh forbid, God’s patience his family and his family. ”

It also published a picture of Jordan to the pilot as he stood in front of the elements of the organization “Daash” raising his head, and commented on by saying “lifted your head, O lion amid dogs,” explaining the reason for a break of the site, saying: “This is a breakthrough for the martyrs of the Egyptian army, and for the Jordanian pilot forbid Kasasbeh, and left my name this time “.

He says immediately after the broadcast regulation of video massacre Egyptians Only then I knew they were Egyptians, and immediately posted their pictures, I did not know that the video that I found and I have seen within watching fast for about 47 video they are Egyptians who were kidnapped, has found a video on the main server in full without editing, and there was Victims included an elderly man cry so much without screaming, and it was clear in the picture because he was afraid the man Bengali, as I’ve heard more than once, the word “cut” by telling her director, and re-scene more than once as he spoke one of the victims or screaming during the filming, adding that all the sounds that emerged after the whole installation through the studio, as I watched a video of the slaughter of the Japanese and European people and dozens of videos to burn the Japanese-style incident Kasasbeh.

He adds Samara: “When the Egyptian army to avenge the victims and put a video on the organization site sound of its military spokesman who announced the establishment of our forces bombed” Daash “sites in Libya, and said that I have taken this breakthrough for the martyrs of the Copts of Egypt and the martyrs of the Egyptian army, and the rate of penetration of 100% and the percentage of the damage caused on the site 100% and wrote, “I have been penetration on 15 February 2015 at 6:00 am, and I will remain constant penetration,” Until this moment, the site is still breaking from the sides and in control of it full control. ”

The Egyptian programmed I wanted to connect the messages behind this breakthrough. First, I am a Muslim Egyptian, and penetrated the site of this terrorist organization, which claims Islam retaliation and revenge Egyptian Copts to my colleagues, which means we are all Egyptians, there is no difference between a Muslim and a Copt. Secondly, in order to prove to the whole world that the Egyptians are able to penetrate these sites and extremist organizations and learn from them. Thirdly, which I would like to emphasize that I am not the least of officers and soldiers who are killed in bitter confrontation with terrorism, and if they are faced with arms I I run to the computer and the Internet.
And seal Samara, saying, “The organization” Daash “threatened to kill him as punishment for his did, and broke the organization e-mail for 3 minutes, and managed to restore them, and they sent him threats from a person named Abu Omar, and he will continue to Althecar them on their sites, as did Jihad Media platform with the site for “Supporters of Jerusalem”, in response to him Arish accident, as he did with several pages and sites belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood Amuslimn.anthy (1)