Battle of Mosul knocks Tabolha earlier than expected

Battle of Mosul knocks Tabolha earlier than expected

Posted 24/02/2015 11:33 AM

Battle of Mosul knocks Tabolha earlier than expectedDescription Mlahzawn political and military movement on the war department against al Daash in Iraq as “heavy and unusual”, confirming the existence of signs of the approaching war from a critical juncture, and the anticipation of the start of the battle to liberate Mosul ahead submitted an approximation by the United States, which extends to next May according to the announcement days official at the US Central Command since.

It seemed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi interested in collecting the ranks of all the political components and reduce the aggravation of the differences between them. He assured yesterday the leaders of the Sunni political blocs in the country that his government would press ahead with political reforms demanded by the Sunnis.

Since the announcement of those blocks suspended attend the government and the House of Representatives meetings to protest the assassination of Sheikh tribal assault with violence on the lawmaker, and Abadi trying to appease his Sunni partners in government, the encirclement of disputes raised by the excesses and crimes of armed Shiite militias accused of killing Sheikh and kidnapping MP Tanifa.

The political moves come at a time of devotional knocks it strongly drums decisive battle against al Daash in Iraq.

And demonstrates the political and military movement in and around Iraq that the date for the battle to liberate Mosul closer than being announced, particularly by the United States, which its officials say that the battle will not be released a few months ago.

But military experts have spotted movements suggest that the battle is about to start in a matter of weeks, not months. He promised the new US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter Deal “final defeat” soon Daash organized and ahead of a meeting with about twenty military commander and ambassador in charge of the intelligence services, in Arifjan base in the Kuwaiti desert.

Carter said, heading to the US forces at the base before the start of the meeting, said that the international coalition led by the United States, “the organization pays the Islamic state effectively away from Kuwait and other places.”

The meeting yesterday was the second of its kind after a meeting hosted by the Saudi capital Riyadh days since the annexation of the Chiefs of Staff 26 countries participating in the international coalition against Daash. And was nominated for a meeting that was devoted to discuss the war on regulation.

And entered yesterday’s massive French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the war against al-Islamic state in Iraq.

He visited the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Odrian aircraft carrier on the occasion of the launch of reconnaissance flights and bombing them in the process of “North” French in Iraq.

He stressed the Odrian aboard aircraft Paris design to fight extremist organization Daash carrier in Iraq as part of the international coalition led by the United States.

He told Odrian “This threat of terrorism wants to inflict harm to our citizens and our interests and values. In response, France will show assertive at all. ” “We say to our allies: We strongly here with lots of will.”

The French Rafale fighter jets launched Monday morning from the planes that were sailing on after two hundred kilometers north of Bahrain, Iraq toward carrier, but Haktha later aircraft “Super Oatandar” the updated model.

The fighters arrived to its goal within an hour and a half hours of flying. And left the aircraft, “Charles de Gaulle” carrier in the 13 January Toulon harbor in the south of France on a mission takes approximately five months, and will go for several weeks in the Gulf as well as the US aircraft carrier “USS Carl Vinson” carrier in the framework of the international coalition against al-Islamic state, according to a source military.

And carry “Charles de Gaulle” 12 Rafale fighter jets and nine of the type of “super Oatandar” updated, bringing significantly the ability of the French intervention in the region.

In parallel with the coalition air strikes launched against Daash countries, which so far refused to deploy combat troops on the ground, training missions with the Iraqi army to help it rebuild itself after falling embarrassing to the organization of the Islamic state last year. And hopes the US Chiefs of Staff that the Iraqi forces could launch an attack to liberate the city of Mosul in the north, in the pre-season and the free month of Ramadan. Washington and published in 1830 a military adviser in Iraq, while France sent fifty consultant working especially with the Chiefs of Staff in Baghdad, in addition to dozens of special forces.