US newspaper: Obama administration surprised the presence of representatives of Anbar in Washington

US newspaper: Obama administration surprised the presence of representatives of Anbar in Washington and Biden met with the delegation after 4 days!

02/21/2015 (22:03)

US newspaper - Obama administration surprised the presence of representatives of Anbar in Washington and Biden met with the delegation after 4 daysTranslation: Ahmed Alaa

Anbar tribes delegation arrived in January 18 to Washington DC to meet with a number of administration officials about the possibility of arming tribal Almentvdh against militants “Daash” in Anbar specifically.
The delegation headed by Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, one of the most prominent leaders of the former Sunni Awakening with a group of tribal leaders as well. After landing delegation plane in Washington, Anbar had been killed nine policemen and wounded 28 others in an attack by militants “Daash” of the city.
tribal leaders they believe their arrival to the United States that the last will help them in the fight against extremist organization by arming them, but it seems that the Obama administration was not interested in arming the tribes, this time through Telmahaa delegation, that the reinforcement must pass through the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Defence gate.
the arrival of the delegation to the hotel where allocated to them for temporary residence place, wounded leaders, frustrated after learning that the United States will not arm them, and that Reinforcement by Washington, must be through the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Defense, and this was confirmed by former US President George W. Bush when he was tasked to meet with the delegation at the hotel, as explained to them the United States position on the armament as well as trying to convince Sheikh Abu Risha in this matter.
The meeting began with a stunning, according to Description escorts former US President Bush, who himself was reluctant to meet with tribal delegation. The Sheikh Abu Risha and after Bush touch it has become enthusiastic enough to hang their hopes upon, but hopes this faded when Bush explained to the delegation the US administration’s position.
It is worth mentioning, that the United States, the Bush assigned this task given full to brief him on the situation of the tribes in the western regions and knowledge How that those tribes have suffered in recent years from al Qaeda militants in their areas, Vashaúr when they spoke with the US side on armament from the Iraqi army loses home to militants “Daash” The tribes are ready to protect their land, but they need reinforcement.
Abu Risha said the US president Bush when they met at the hotel for 20 minutes just by saying, “The government will not be armed with, because our allegiance is not to Iran, they are interested in arming units of the popular crowd, and the Sunni tribes is not that.”
Bush and after listening to the concerns of Abu Risha promised him that he will bring his retired Gen. David Petraeus and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham to familiarize themselves with the problems experienced by the tribes, promising him to make efforts to help him and the provision of hearing him in Washington.
known that al-Qaeda to impose policy and approach stiff and vision in life Anbar residents, as it began clans anti These militant ideas and started to agree with United States to combat al-Qaeda militants.
Indeed fighters have made ​​significant gains when they formed “Awakening,” a project which was the result of a tribal American agreement specifically in the city of Al-Anbar. After the US withdrawal from Iraq by end of 2011, the government’s dominance on the joints of the power and tighten restrictions on the Sunni community began leaving indignation and protest ground swell of the available opportunity to militants “Daash” access to the cities of Anbar as a force loyal to the dominance of the government, it is here conflicts between the authority, which was run by al-Maliki began and the Anbar tribes.
and across people’s western regions hope that reach their delegation to the solution with the United States, arguing that America could put pressure on the Baghdad government and force it to arm them, or at least the possibility of re “Sunni Awakening” program, which they see as a successful and would submit a role in the fight against militants, “Daash” But they believe may be disappointed, in the words of one of the members of the delegation.
Among the entourage along with Sheikh Abu Risha, the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi and head of modern municipality Karim Aljughaifi and chairman of the Anbar province morning Krhot.
The visit lasted for ten days, met with the delegation officials from the White House and Gen. John Allen, the US envoy and the commander of the international coalition and a number of State Department officials and the Pentagon.
In multiple meetings, abounded smiles and suggestions and looks with clear meanings, as a member of the delegation in this regard says that “the US administration has been in a light smile.” He also added another member, that the US administration considers Abadi, one of the men they were explicit in this regard, adding that US officials were during Bardeen meeting to a large extent.
Interestingly, US Vice President Joe Biden did not know that the delegation of Anbar arrived in Washington, has surprised at January 22 the presence of the delegation in the United States, with him accordingly Phil Gordon coordinator of the US administration’s Middle East and North Africa and the Gulf region, which quoted Biden told the “Alpolitiko” saying “it was an eloquent tongue and smiling all the time and stressed to shake hands with all the members of the entourage with a palm on Ktefhm. ”
He assured Biden delegation, that the Iraqi government is working to restore the Iraqi army restructuring, urging them of at the same time, to cooperate with the government and help in its current crisis, particularly security.
The new delegates Anbar, desperation of America’s position in spite of a meeting Biden them for one hour. And the transfer of Abu Risha, Biden said tribal fighters interested in fighting the “Daash” The government is interested in re-structuring the Iraqi army, and the organization “Daash” He is busy killing Iraqis, as he put it.